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Vintage Fashion in Thrift Shops

Shop at thrift stores is a real camp and there are a few steps to follow that will help you get along! Our expert, Ana Mastrochirico, listed 10 tips for panning thrift shops.
Unlike the fast fashions that we are so used to, where there are several options of sizes and models, in thrift stores the pieces tend to be unique, so it is important to have watchful eyes and knowing how to recognize the hidden potential in each outfit you find. Today some thrift stores are now more modern, and make a pre-selection of clothes to be part of the acquis. But there are still those thrift shops or bazaars cheapie, which has many messy clothes and stacked, and believe it or not, is that you find the most interesting parts, vintages and cheap.

Following these tips will help you make better mines and to train our eyes to what’s really worth buying in a thrift store. Continue reading