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Small, but Expensive: Bikinis Can Cost Hundreds of Dollars

The Famous Women’s Swimwear Requires A Lot Of Investment

Lots of money for little cloth. A bikini can cost up to $ 800 in specialty stores in Santa Catarina. And believe me, you have a waiting list. The factory sends to each point of sale no more than three pieces of each size. As 60 women are in the register waiting there are people who are without the bathing suit. Continue reading

Bikinis and Swimsuits to Enjoy the Summer with Style

Summer is in full swing, and now is the time to play on the beach and in the pool. And for those who want to enjoy the best of the season with a lot of style, nothing better than to be inspired on the parts that have made success among the famous.

For those who don’t like the Bikini, great news: the swimsuits, especially in the style “tricks mom”, are on the rise. Models with several strips, either on the sides or back, let the sexy even hiding the belly region. Continue reading

Tankini, Bikini, Trikini: Are You Familiar With The Vocabulary Of Swimsuit

Tankini, bikini or trikini, you lose in the middle of all these names of swimwear and struggling to make a difference?We’re here to help. It is true that this summer, the trend is to tankini and bikini or trikini models. But it is not always easy to recognize, and especially to know which is the most suitable for your silhouette. Our article will explain in details what are the three types of swimsuit woman summer 2012 and for which they are best suited. We will select three, in order to give you an overview of what you can find as models on LemonCurve sites (link: lemoncurve.com/swimwear), Boden (link: boden.fr/swimwear) and Beach Store Cannes (link: beachstorecannes.com/swimwear )).

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Beachwear Trends 2014

Exit the monochrome basic swimsuit! In 2014, the trend is to the swimsuit original to draw all eyes to the beach. Fancy cuts, flashy colors and fun prints, there is the choice to have the weirdest style! Follow the guide.

We Adopt the Original Trend!

The year 2014 sign the advent of the swimsuit cool, original, fun, full of PEP, we want to wear with pride! We give up our black two-piece from the previous season in the closet and it is tempted by a “extravagant” swimsuit. Continue reading

Mens Summer Fashion Essential-Boardshorts

Men in boxer shorts on the beach

Summer is in the starting blocks and the look in your wardrobe makes already blush on your cheeks wide? Your thoughts go back to the last beach vacation when you’ve still tanned in the figure-hugging swimsuit in bright red? The case is clear: New boardshorts have!

Mens Summer Fashion Essential-Boardshorts

Best materials, cool cuts and amazing features are just some of the arguments for a new pair of trunks. Fortunately you have at Blue Tomato spoiled for choice: Ladies Boardshorts for the ladies and men’s board shorts for the Gents!


You have to be a talented surfer to view the latest models by Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Hurley and Co. to sport. Although these shorts were originally made for cool surfer types in Hawaii and Australia, but also you can leave powerful impression with them.

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