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How to Combine the Leggings

In the previous post Saray has told me that is fed up with seeing the English with the vinyl leggings, so it has decided to buy some (guess that said “If you can’t with them, join and comparing who wears them better”, JA! because you already see) and she asked me what can combine them.
I have to tell you that I am not an expert in fashion or make-up,… I can be classified as a good, but very good eh!, seeking information from cyberspace. And am learning just like you with each of the entries I do and do. Continue reading

How to Replace a Half Trousers by Cuissardes

Cuissardes is the name for the famous high boots, in the region in the knees. They are one of the most daring footwear fashion, which ends up leaving most people afraid to use and create a visually exaggerated and vulgar. However, if they are used with common sense they become great allies for the surrogate and style perfect for a half pants. Check out some tips and learn how to replace half trousers by cuissardes and let your look more fashion. Continue reading

The Winter of Pantyhose!

Warm, Cheap And Stylish, A Different Pantyhose Can Warm Up Any Winter Look!


They take any look of monotony! If you still cling to the basic little black tweed, try starting with shades of purple, dark blue and gray, which are easy to match. But if you want lots of color, bet on vibrant shades of blue, red, yellow and pink! Continue reading

Stamped, Colorful, Torn… See This Winter’s Hottest Tights

Let’s agree: It’s not because we’re in the winter that you need to retire all yoursummer clothes, right? The best way to wear those shorts, that skirt or thatbeautiful dress that you bought in the heat without going cold is to combine them with a pantyhose-piece that, to improve, still gives that turbinada in the look.

Okay, the basic black ones are most welcome, but it also rolls up colored versions and worked with textures or prints. They have come up with everything in the last weeks of international fashion. Look that!

To make you get even more into this mood, we made a selection of superstitious ideas!


Need I say that’s the wildcard in our closet? Combines with all kinds of bodies, styles and occasions. Bonus: how discreet she is, you can wear clothes or accessories displayed without fear!


You can choose more sober nuances – dark green, navy blue and brown-or light the look with strong colors. How about a red one? When in doubt, choose a tone that is in your clothing. And, if you want to stretch your legs, prefer shoes that are the same color as socks.


Here the options are empty. Well, hearts, stripes, lace… Since the stocking already has texture, the ideal is to combine it with more smooth pieces, okay?Also remember that large prints tend to thicken the leg. If this is not your goal, go to the smaller designs. Another cool trick is to rip the average black stocking and put on more production.

Any crazy for tights there?