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SUP Yoga 2

Paddleboard Yoga as we know it in Spain like Sup Yoga, is a new sport that is no more than the combination of different sports in one single. It consists of body postures that make it an exercise or activity of balance, these routines are performed on a paddle surfing. When we practice this activity increase the flexibility, strength and concentration. Continue reading

7 Things You Should Not do in a Gym

When one goes to a gym or sports centre should take into account that it is in a public place. Many times we forget or ignore the minimum rules of civility. Gyms and sports centres tend to have view of users such as mandatory rules: “be used bathing cap in the pool”, “the user must be provided with towel in the weight room”,… The address of the Center imposes these rules or rules and they are therefore obligatory. Continue reading

How to Buy a Sports Jacket

Second article in the series “Dressing well for the start” when I mention this time the sports jackets for men. And NO, it has nothing to do with the blazers.

In this man jackets guide you will find style advice, selection and of course the historic small the room.

The selection is sharp and you probably have not seen most of these names before, this is normal and it is this which makes for an excellent price / quality ratio.

Continue reading