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High-Waisted Pants: Fashion Tips

Some pieces of women’s clothing are timeless, sometimes even get a little forgotten, but just give it time and they come back with a vengeance. One of these pieces is the high-waisted pants, plus extremely elegant, values the feminine curves. Out of Brazil this model is also known as high-waisted pants, a model that stirs […]

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Inspired by Their Looks

It is not today that torn jeans are successful, but in recent months, she has turned into a darling item in the wardrobe of the famous, you can repair. And do not think that it only appears in more disheveled looks! It is also possible to assemble very neat productions with the piece. Do you want to see it?

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20 Looks to Inspire You to Wear Your Pants

The piece, which has everything to do with those who enjoy the street style, has already won several celebs and fashionistas. Are you in doubt how to use it? See our selection of combinations Also known as ripped jeans , the ripped pants, which were very successful in the 90s, are pumping very much in street fashion . The piece is well street […]

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The Famous Are Loving This Nothing Basic Piece

Bella Hadid, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, for example, have already bet on this trend that promises to bomb! We love to keep an eye on celeb productions! Not only because the visuals can inspire a look of the day, but also because they are filled with trends. And, well, we’re already in the mood for what fashion […]

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Twill Pants: Check out Tips

One of the most sought-after pants no doubt are those made in Twill. Twill is a very resistant fabric, being stronger than that created by ligament on screens, in addition to being more difficult to get dirty. With this, if you want to know some information and tips regarding some models of Twill pants, attention […]

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Would You Wear High Waist Pants?

High waist is super “in” and some famous muses have even joined the fashion, but will it catch? While some actresses have already adopted the “modelon”, there are people who refuse to use the new hit fashion. In the corridors of SPFW, I heard some models talking about it: “Creed! This tall jeans is awful! We look like […]

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The Pants In the Middle of the Cinnamon Is Trend

Earlier, the idea of ​​folding the trouser bar was only to make the instep more free or a little of the ankle exposed. Now the folds are coming down to the middle of the cinnamon! And they do not even have to be very straight, see! The more coiled you are and the more combinations you can […]

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Men's Slacks: How to Use

The behavior of a person can be divided into two phases, the first one is at work and the second informal periods. More than talking habits, to move and to interact, in your job, the individual is also judged by the clothes you wear.

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White Pants: Fashion Tips

The white pants are becoming more fashionable, though many women don’t know how to use them properly. There are several types of look that can be combined with the white pants. In this article you will check some fashion tips to match your clothes with white pants.

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Black Pants: Meet Models

The jeans is a wild card that can be used for all types and in any occasion. Such versatility makes it indispensable in every wardrobe. It’s impossible to know for sure when the black trousers became a basic part. In the 19th century it was used only by men, always complementing a suit.