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Samsung Gear S3, First Impressions: With A New (And Huge) Design By Flag

It was one of the great expectations of this IFA and Samsung has fulfilled what it already implied in their invitations: we have met the Samsung Gear S3 or, rather, the two different models (Frontier and Classic) arriving as successors of the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic. From Xataka we have been able to test them briefly and these are our first impressions. Continue reading

Android Wear Comes New Watchfaces

One of the most fun aspects of the Platform Android Wear is that there are hundreds of ways to customize it with the ability to change the watch face at will. The independent developer community has acknowledged this possibility with great enthusiasm, and today they are literally thousands offers of any kind, free or not, whose highlight does not fail to point out from time to time.

If all this were not enough, Google has decided to forge partnerships with some internationally renowned designers to complete watch face “branded”. The five that were already previously, they’ve added another nine; Here’s a quick roundup and, below, the descriptions of all (in sequential order). Continue reading

Sony Smartwatch 3 Metal Band

Technological exhibition CES 2015 in full swing. Another announcement in the segment of smart watches offered us Japanese giant Sony. It’s not about premiere a new device and a new coat of current Sony SmartWatch 3 (see tucsonsmartwatches). To previous versions (rubber / silicone) with a sporty design added option of stainless steel, which radically changes the appearance of the widget. Perhaps it is difficult to spot, but housing SmartWatch 3: e separate part that can be separated from the shell (shell Body + chains / straps). So far not think we’ve seen shells from alternative manufacturers, though he did not seem particularly difficult to produce. Thinking in this way, Sony decided to prepare (and show CES) and special envelope (plastic adapter, holder, might lead to slight changes in the size of the watch), but did not include the chain. It will have a lock, which would make it compatible with all standard chains with a width of 24 mm. This is another good idea for an additional option to customize.

Continue reading