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LG Optimus Smartphone 4 X HD – Quad Core!

In the recent past which most featured a mobile device of another was the screen size and the frequency of the processor, now is color. More or less as already has happened in the market of processors for PCs and notebooks for some time.

The LG Optimus cell phone 4 x HD is one of using the chip Tegra NVIDIA 3, with 4 4 cores and plenty of power to run the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. As is customary, the interface is customized by LG, but probably something that can be undone with the time.

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How to Avoid Useless Notifications on Your Smartphone?

Internet-connected phones and tablets are almost everywhere, often playing and singing at the wrong time and the wrong place.

Many email and other applications are configured to send alerts and notifications by default. Not only these unnecessary alerts are a great annoyance, they also use a bit of battery power of the device each time you wake up the machine from sleep.

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For Whom the Larger Screen of A Smartphone Really Makes A Difference?

Every day are released new cell phones. One of the more present market trends is the increase in the size of the screens. Some people think the big screens. Others are impressed with colors and sizes. To others, the screen size is something indifferent. Whatever your profile, something we must admit: the size and screen resolution today became one of the main criteria for choosing a new smartphone. In the era of cell phones that almost look like tablets and tablets as small as cell phones, the big screen is not for everyone. Understand for whom big screen really makes a difference can help you choose via Shopareview.

Big Screen and Screen Resolution

However, it should be remembered that a larger screen does not mean better image quality. You can have a mobile phone with a screen of more than 4 inches and a low resolution. The resolution is defined by pixels that form the images on the screen. For example, a Full HD screen has horizontal lines and 1920 1080 vertical lines. Every point where these lines intersect shape a different color that together form an image.

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When It’s Time to Change My Smartphone?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check if my phone is in my bed, and I always end up watching a YouTube video or reading the latest technology news at the breakfast table in the morning. That’s how I’m connected to my smartphone, even knowing that the last thing I did the night before was browsing the web before I go to sleep. I can’t live without my phone. Yes, I’m a nerd. Being a heavy user of smartphones and a technology news addict, I’m aware of the most recent specifications and features the latest smartphone can offer. A tempting and interesting advertising specifications are always calling the nerd within me, while the price was the only thing that kept me away from them.

Therefore, a very common question appears in my life: When should I think about a new phone? It is a very problematic issue, but today we break this question in groups.

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ZTE Blade A452 Review

You can more closely look at the ZTE blade A452 times. It is a dual-SIM Smartphone, which uses a 4. 000mAh battery has. The battery capacity is therefore enough for almost two whole days, as long as you take the Smartphone not to much.

The blade A452 lollipop is shipped with the operating system Android 5.1 and LTE capable. Inside is a quad-core processor by Mediatek (MT6735P) with a 1,3GHz-Taktung. Thus apps, websites, games and co can be called easily and quickly.

By optical here, the phone also thanks to its rounded corners is very simple, but yet elegantly decorated. It is 145.5 mm high, 7.15 mm wide and 9.25 mm deep and therefore suitable for people with larger hands. Through the changing function of the sensor buttons under the display, people with smaller hands have’s also easy to use the Smartphone, because it can place the back button as the multitasking button both right and left.

ZTE Blade A452 Review

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