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For Whom the Larger Screen of A Smartphone Really Makes A Difference?

Every day are released new cell phones. One of the more present market trends is the increase in the size of the screens. Some people think the big screens. Others are impressed with colors and sizes. To others, the screen size is something indifferent. Whatever your profile, something we must admit: the size and screen […]

Cell Phone

When It's Time to Change My Smartphone?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check if my phone is in my bed, and I always end up watching a YouTube video or reading the latest technology news at the breakfast table in the morning. That’s how I’m connected to my smartphone, even knowing that the […]

Cell Phone

ZTE Blade A452 Review

You can more closely look at the ZTE blade A452 times. It is a dual-SIM Smartphone, which uses a 4. 000mAh battery has. The battery capacity is therefore enough for almost two whole days, as long as you take the Smartphone not to much. The blade A452 lollipop is shipped with the operating system Android […]


Do Benefits Offering Security in Bars Cameras?

The bars provide 36% of employment in tourism sector, so that its economic impact is of great importance. So that new technologies allow greater control and optimization in the same operations, unfortunately, levels of insecurity in them has been increasing impacting economically and above all, the confidence of the consumer.