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Skinny Jeans Can Cause Back Pain! What?

We already know that not all fashion trends are comfortable. Remember Kylie Jenner’s sweetheart boot that made several girls sweat real, official~on their feet? Yes, sometimes fashion makes us go through some hot flashes! But never mind that we would imagine that jeans could be something evil to people, right?But believe me: Researchers point out that skinny pants can cause back pain. WHAT? Continue reading

Pants Skinny Men

These days, we can see more and more men wear jeans that used to be only for women. Of course we’re talking about the skinny jeans. Nowadays, men are more experienced and are more aware about your figure. Are increasingly valuing your body and your appearance.
The people who usually use these jeans tend to be more for the thinner side and have excellent taste. You rarely see people wearing big baggy pants these days, because they are already out of fashion. Check out the tips of use and combination of pants skinny men. Continue reading