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Leather Skirt Skirt – How to Use, Where to Buy, Models

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models for Leather Pencil Skirt

The Leather Pencil Skirts are very successful, with many different models and styles you can buy and stay even more beautiful and elegant, here you will see the tips on how to use Leather Pencil Skirt and   stay in style, stay tuned in the Tips on how to use Leather Pencil Skirt and start right now doing your look to parade through the beautiful streets, you can buy in malls, virtual stores among other places. Continue reading

The Remastering of the Idea Before

Who never left in one day with a look that worked and the next day, decided to repeat the formula? Cast the first stone who never woke up full of laziness to think in visu, and, on the way to the bathroom, you come across traces of the look before still dangling from the clothes rack and thought: Hmm, was so nice yesterday. Why not try again today? Yes, I enjoyed the look floral/PB/earring big guy coral that I decided to try again. How had a eventinho night (who saw @mourajo on Instagram yesterday you know!) I had to come up with a look that could easily be turned to night. Continue reading

6 Marks To Buy Men Shoes

It is very easy to find a nice shoe, they are in the Windows of the vast majority of mall stores dedicated to selling shoes, but the shoes are still an item for specialized brands, because your production knowledge and demand specific labor if the intent is to do something of quality. In this post I will indicate 6 marks for you who wants to buy shoes and find something worth the investment: Continue reading

The Most Expensive Shoes in the World

This pair of shoes is as expensive as a luxurious family home. The peep-toes occupied entirely with diamonds cost a million dollars, approximately 750,000 euros.

Eagerly, the show run on the red carpet at the 85th Oscars is expected on February 24. An absolute nightmare for any actress, if a second unintentionally shows up in the same outfit before the Dolby theatre. At least with the shoes the Lady can hedge now against such a gaffe; If she is willing to invest in high-heel Goldsmith Unique for the incredible price of $1 million. Continue reading