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New Android Dual Chip from Samsung

Samsung realized long ago the huge demand of the Brazilian and Indian markets for cell phones dual chip, able to allow the same device to handle the communication of chips of two operators at the same time.

Some appliance of dual chip mobile line of Samsung has the word “Individuals” in the name, to distinguish it from other devices that support only 1 chip.

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Android Samsung Galaxy is Defective and You Have No Guarantee?

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung warranty on material and workmanship on all smartphones a year. This means that if your Samsung Galaxy is defective and is the cause for this due to the material or Android Samsung Galaxy is defective, because while assembling something was done wrong, you have a warranty claim if your Samsung Galaxy is defective. If you’re to blame from the perspective of Samsung but somehow it that your phone is broken, there is no guarantee! There are quite a few reasons why a Samsung Galaxy is defective. In 2013, some Samsung Galaxy were defective, because your battery has ballooned and pushed apart the housing – this was a clear case of warranty for Samsung. The bloated batteries were simply replaced and it’s already. But these are exceptions.

You have no warranty from Samsung if you are using your phone with accessories, for example, is not allowed. And even if your phone falls down friends, you have no guarantee. Just as it looks, if your Samsung Galaxy is defective because you’ve exposed it to high temperatures, moisture or humidity. Not to forget: also at very regular wear of the parts there is no guarantee, the wear and tear is indeed normal. In all these cases, you have no warranty from Samsung.

Your new phone is there with us!

Your Samsung Galaxy is defective and you also no guarantee for this Smartphone? Then, a new Smartphone has made for you quickly!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Gold and Pink

The Galaxy is Rated 3 There with Us Now in Gold and Pink

Is out there just friends everything to gray? Then to built but color with a new smartphone! We have the super equipped and simply huge Samsung Smartphone Galaxy now note 3 in gold and pink!

The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 is the perfect smartphone for those who place value on a huge display and a Smartphone is important, can they work with decent and on which they sometimes make the occasional handwritten note. The Galaxy has a really huge full HD touch 3 Super AMOLED display with a screen diagonal of 14.43 cm. The resolution is impressive 1920 x 1080 pixels. Very elegant, the Galaxy is also rated 3, his back is covered with synthetic leather. A special feature of the Galaxy note 3 is the S-pen. With this PIN, you can use the Smartphone and it is super suitable to make handwritten sketches and notes on the Galaxy with him note 3. The great thing: The Galaxy note 3 recognizes your handwriting, if you write on it with the S-pen and convert all your notes into messages, reminders, or phone calls. Also, multitasking is much easier with the Galaxy note 3: you can pull words or photos from one window to another note 3 for example using “Drag & drop” in the multi-window view of the Galaxy. And also opening an application in two Windows at the same time is possible, so you can read messages in a browser, for example, while you googelst in another.

3 a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, the Android 4.3 OS and a 3 provide for a decent performance in the Galaxy note GB of large memory sizes. You need a Smartphone with lots of storage space? The space in the Galaxy can be extended note 3 to up to 64 GB via microSD card. Photograph you like? The camera of the Galaxy has note 3 13 megapixels and a 4 x digital zoom. It also has an image stabilization and face detection. You can take panoramic photos with her and take photos even on clay.

The description of the Galaxy note 3 do you like? Then you order but great with us online store with a mobile finance in gold or pink or any other color. The great thing about our mobile finance: You can choose even the amount of the monthly rate, which you note 3 in gold or pink pay off your fancy new Galaxy, friends here!

Galaxy S6: Users Report Of Purple Stain On Selfies

Colored photo bomb: owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 report on reddit about an ominous purple spot on Selfies and co. It seems that front camera of which are affected – and only for some time. A solution or even the cause is not found yet.

Galaxy S6 Users Report Of Purple Stain On Selfies

On the image of the thread creator at first only a few pixels is large, but nevertheless, conspicuous stain, which is in the upper-right corner of the photo. However, this phenomenon occurs only for images that were shot with the front-facing camera.

Is The Sensor Fault On The Purple Stain?

Some users in the Reddit thread report that your barely two weeks old Galaxy S6 was exchanged without. Apparently, an alleged solution from the XDA-developers Forum does not work: A reduction in the release of 5 3.8 Megapixels make remedy, it was there. Even if it would work, it would be just a workaround.

An official statement from Samsung has so far. It is also unclear whether a defect of the front camera sensor could be responsible for the phenomenon. The purple stain could but just as well be a software problem. Apparently, the undesirable effect occurs only when shooting with Dim lighting conditions. In the XDA Forum, so photos are to see, which should be actually black, but have several purple bluish streaks. Do you have similar problems with Selfies and other recordings with the front camera of S6?

7 Days, 7 Links: Apple Watch Review, Android M And More

Last week, CURVED has itself made the Apple watch phones and subjected to extensive testing. There was of course also a lot news to the Apple wearable. At the same time been Google’s I/O Developer Conference announced with first reports of Android M but also themselves. There were News 4 and the surface 3 also to some new smartphones from China and also about new Microsoft products like the Surface Pro.

The Apple Watch In The Test – And What To Include

The question what the Apple watch is actually good in the room, is available for more than half a year. Just like the American consumer magazine of consumer reports, we could finally try and address this issue on the ground. There are also unusual ideas for an expansion of the bracelet range as well as an overview of the best accessory a few weeks after the release of the Apple watch. Star U.S. television host Conan O’Brien has also found a not very serious, but all the more funny response to the tattoo problem of the clock.

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Samsung Galaxy S6: Camera Mystery, Updates, And Iron Man

Also the Galaxy S6 is shortly after its release still a thrilling theme: so it was found, for example, last week that the high-end Smartphone is sold just like its offshoot Galaxy S6 edge with two different camera sensors. A little later then also already existed the first comparison between photos that were taken with Sony and Samsung sensors.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: So You Take Perfect Pictures

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus contains not only a huge display, but also excellent cameras, which allow take excellent pictures. The following tips should help you therefore, to customize with the Galaxy S6 edge plus even better shots.

Photography Basics

No matter what smartphone you go on photo tour: you should be aware of some basic things anyway. If you want to make your images more interesting, pays attention to the so-called rule of thirds, based on the golden section. This divides the image mentally lengthwise and crosswise into three pieces. The main subject should be in approximately on a line intersection. As a result, the generated photo looks more interesting. In contrast, the image appears usually boring, if you placed in the scene. Nevertheless: exceptions to the rule.

In addition, you should keep in mind that S6 edge inside the Galaxy plus a wide angle lens and a zoom lens – as in most other smartphones also. In other words: the camera is good mainly for panoramic, portrait or if necessary also for macro shots. The camera is usually overwhelmed with far-away scenes: you have the possibility to enlarge the image by digital zoom, though, but that reduces the resolution of the image at the same time. As a result, you can expect blurred or shaky shots, on which little is visible.

Change Settings As Needed

If you have started with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus the camera app, you see five menu items except for the viewfinder image at the top. A gear icon left leads you to the General camera settings while you will find the options for the Flash, the shutter lag, the HDR mode, as well as the magic wand filter next to it. With the latter, you can add various effects to your photo for example, when you record.

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Galaxy S6 Edge: According To Test The Best Smartphone Camera

Galaxy S6 Edge According To Test The Best Smartphone Camera

Success for the Galaxy S6 edge: in a current camera test of the specialists of DxOMark can sit at the top of the current top smartphone from South Korea and the cameras of the competition refers to the rear seats.

That the 16-Megapixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 convinced edge with optical image stabilization in terms of photography and videography on all along the line, she has demonstrated now again in a current test. The DxOMark camera experts have examined various Smartphone cameras through their paces, including exposure, color quality, autofocus, Flash and noise reduction have been taken under the magnifying glass. The Galaxy S6 edge reached a score of 86 out of 100 points combined from all test results and clinched the first place.

Galaxy S6 Edge Scores With Good Exposure And Fast Auto Focus

The overall result involves the test results of the video function here. Here, it brought the Galaxy S6 to a value of 84 points. In the photo area, the camera scored 88 points, according to searchforpublicschools. As a result the advance called final score of 86 points. On the second place 6 and iPhone 6 has made it the Galaxy note 4 with 83 points, followed by the iPhone plus each 82 points and the Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z2 respectively 79 points.

Something struck the Google joins nexus 6, reached but still respectable 78 points. In last place in the current rankings, that lands iPhone 4 with meager 50 points. The test winner of Galaxy S6 edge scores especially with a fast autofocus, good exposure and a beautiful white balance. Negative notice among other strong noise in low light conditions. In the CURVED list of best camera smartphones 2015, the Galaxy S6 is edge, by the way on the first place.

Galaxy S7: Samsung Installed Two Different Camera Sensors

Is Sony or Samsung? Users also in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge must ask themselves this question: in the equipment no single camera sensor is fitted, but the a company, times of other times. This was already the case when the Galaxy S6 and caused a sensation.

Galaxy S7 Samsung Installed Two Different Camera Sensors

According to Android authority, own ISOCELL sensors are integrated in the Galaxy S7 like its predecessor part Samsung’s, while another part with Sony’s IMX260 is equipped. Waves struck this message when the Galaxy S6 but not only about that: at that time it turned out that the Sony sensor in terms of quality is slightly superior to the Samsung counterpart.

How Big Are The Differences?

Strengths and weaknesses apparent in a comparison between of the two camera sensors however both versions: the Sony IMX240 delivers better results during the day, Samsung’s ISOCELL schummrigem light. Extent to which this is true to the camera of the Galaxy S7, future tests must show since it seems to be the successor of the Galaxy-S6 sensors.

Samsung itself has not although the different camera sensors of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge stated, the reason seems to be simple: one with the production of ISOCELL chips does not comply with. Samsung even mentioned, only the in-house solution to the announcement of the new top models. In our camera comparison of S7 (edge) with the Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 we were therefore still by an ISOCELL. It is certain however: the test unit delivered good results, especially at night. Because the resolution is dropped although, grown the size of the pixels, but, the advantage of the Sony sensor as in the S6 is possibly invalid.