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Tips for Pedaling

Using a bicycle is a good investment, not only for the environment (non-polluting vehicle), but above all for the health of the user. Cycling is one of the best forms of physical activity. Pedaling exercises the cardio respiratory system and imposes less stress on the joints, and can help burn from 400 to 700 kcal. It is a very economic form of physical activity, because if the individual owns a bicycle the activity is free and can be done anytime and anywhere! Continue reading

New Shimano Expands Possibilities for Trail

Group launched by Japanese brand renews high-performance components at the best cost-benefit

The launch of the intermediate line of the Shimano SLX components group brings many of the features of the affordable Deore XT, durability and compatibility to make it suitable for practically all mountain bikers. The design of the new SLX M7000, which will be available in Brazil from September 2016, was focused on the different styles of MTB that currently exist. Three types of cyclists are served with the gear ratio options displayed: those that prefer a 1×11 speed setting, with a single crown and focus on simplicity; Those looking for an ideal configuration of 2×11 speeds and double crown; Or cyclists who need an optimized gear ratio and the convenience of a triple ratio 3×10 speeds. Continue reading