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Smartphone Microscope Detects Eye Worm

The video recordings of a Smartphone to help local physicians in recognition of the African eye worm.

A team of researchers of the University of California has developed a Smartphone microscope, which in a drop of blood recognize automatically parasitic worms can. In Africa, the latest version of the CellScope microscope should be used loa to curb the dissemination of the thread worm Loa who settles in the subcutaneous fat tissue and is transferred via brake.

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Save Ink When the Switch Off of the Ink-Jet Printer

Sure, it’s very tempting to be able to take his entire technology through a single toggle or switch from the network. In this respect, the switched socket is very comfortable, reduces the risk of damage caused by overvoltage, for example, in a lightning strike in the power line, and still saves a lot of power. That’s all right. Continue reading