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How to Wear a T Shirt in Different Ways

A t-shirt is a safe piece of clothing in all men’s wardrobes – and, like jeans, a t-shirt is used for pretty much anything. A t-shirt can be used as part of any kind of outfit, and depending on what you combine it with, you can drag your style in different directions.

You know it’s probably not, but since people started using t-shirts as underwear – exactly like underpants and undershirts. But later it was found out that the t-shirts were also excellent as work clothes for YUN. A t-shirt, of course, is more comfortable than a sweatshirt and shirt in warm weather.

After the work force took the t-shirt for it, it’s time to wake up to it inside the fashion world – exactly as it happened with lumberjack shirts, cowboy jackets, jeans and nowalso work clothes. Here was the welcome with open arms, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Although you probably often, still, using your t-shirts as substrates for example, shirts or sweatshirts – it is still a safe choice in summer, to everyday life and to party.

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