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What Pillow Should I Use

One third of the time we spend in bed, and sleep is the only way the body to rest and recover.

The pillow is the most important element for healthy sleep. The correct position of the head during sleep would have saved us so many headaches, stiff neck, distortion and many other ailments.

For right choice of its new pillow should answer only one question:”What is my posture during sleep?”.

If you sleep on your back, you need not very high pillow because the distance between the head and the back is not very big. Otherwise it makes a large angle at the door so you wake up stiff.

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Care for Delicate Items

In the summer most of our wardrobe is made from cotton parts easy to wash, in winter a horse of a different color, or texture. In addition to the classic wool pieces – which is imperative to treat with care for remaining in good condition from year to year – this season the delicate parts list increases with two of the major trends of the season: the lace and the velvets. Continue reading