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Ask Manolo: Dark Blue Corduroy Pants?

Hi! Now that autumn is on tour, I have bought me the new filippa k corduroy pants in a dark blue color. My question to you is what materials suitable for these and perhaps other colors. Would like tips on something nerdressat but also some neat kavajtyger that might fit into the dark blue?Can the Tweed be an option? Are also grateful for the shoe models that can be stylish. Grateful for the response and thanks in advance! MVH. Oskar “frequent visitor” Johansson Continue reading

Pants for Any Style and Fit

We are wild with pants for women! All women own almost a pair of pants, and it is a must-have in any wardrobe eventually. Pants gives a nice look, because they emphasize one’s legs and waist. Some women love skinny fit pants, which sits nearly as painted on, whereas others prefer them a little more loose-fitting. It is far different from woman to woman, but one thing is certain, and that is that the pants will always be a preferred item for almost all women of all ages. In our category of women’s pants, you can shape your own unique look for any occasion, expressing everything from creative, romantic or raw. View the entire Miintos range here on the page. Continue reading

Skinny Pants -Trends and Pictures

Looks like we have another piece of clothing considered classical is returning and staying in the limelight of fashion for a while surprising. I’m talking about skinny pants: although they are just in the body, especially in the calf and Shins, they are comfortable, practical and above all versatile. Continue reading

How to Buy a Sports Jacket

Second article in the series “Dressing well for the start” when I mention this time the sports jackets for men. And NO, it has nothing to do with the blazers.

In this man jackets guide you will find style advice, selection and of course the historic small the room.

The selection is sharp and you probably have not seen most of these names before, this is normal and it is this which makes for an excellent price / quality ratio.

Continue reading

Your Job Does Not Have a Shower, Go to Bike?

If you feel like cycling to work, but leave the idea aside whenever you remember that there is no changing room or shower, these tips are for you. Willian Cruz, from the blog Vá de Bike, and Guga Machado, from Eu Vou de Bike, listed some simple solutions to adopt the bicycle as a means of transportation-even when you can not take a shower before work. Continue reading

Party Looks

Dinners, cocktails and meetings between friends are a constant during the holiday season. But many women don’t have time to go home to change clothes or else you have to do in a few minutes, so you can choose the unique pieces-dress or jumpsuit – or use a more showy piece with pants or skirt you wore during the day. The accessories are also a quick way to change the your visual , making it the most sophisticated and festive. Continue reading

Go to the Sale?

Went through a window with a large poster to report discounts. This is a magic word for most women. It’s almost irresistible appeal to come in and just give a “look”. After all, you can find that coveted piece or a real “bargain” which will be adorable with those pants you bought this station or combine with that sweater that has been waiting to find your couple. The truth is that the balances are a real temptation and is very easy to lose your head. But will it make the choices right ones? Continue reading

Standards: Animal Print

If you like animal patterns, so inspired by these looks for your day to day even though lush, these patterns can be used with neutral tones such as black, white, beige, Brown and grey – for a classic look. Or if you like combinations more daring, try using them with stronger colors such as orange or green, that will reveal your creative side. Continue reading

10 Essential for Winter

Brrr … you know those days when it’s so cold, what you want is to stay home wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea? The cold weather is here to stay and we must be prepared to face the lower temperatures and days of wind and rain. Had already published here some tips on how to dress in layers, which are ideal for when there are temperature variations throughout the day, but there are some essential parts to have during the winter. Continue reading

Learn How to Use Hot High Waist Pants

Are you looking for tips about the hot pants learn how to use high waist? Hot pants pants are the famous high-waisted pants and they are having success with women from all over the world. This model of pants values the silhouette and leaves you with everything on top. The most commonly used models are skinny and flare the former mouth of Bell did quite successfully back then, and now is back. Continue reading

Models of Pants for Summer

For those who like walking in fashion it’s time to get inside the news that promise much success in summer 2013. The pants are essential parts in all seasons. For the hottest season approaching, printed pants, floral, colored and in several different models are the main bets. Learn more about the models of pants for summer 2013. Continue reading

Pants for Use at Parties

Have a party scheduled, but still doesn’t know which clothes are you going? How about putting together a look with pants? Generally, when you think of any kind of party, it is common to the vast majority of women opt for dresses or skirts. However, there are numerous models of pants for use in the partyas well as other formal events. Of course, in some situations, they are not suitable. Who will participate, as godmother of a marriage, for example, must drop this kind of clothes, because she would not be adequate.I invited you can bet my pants without fear. Continue reading

Pants Acinturadas: Models, Pictures, Tips for Using

Not long ago, older models returned to fashion. One of them-the so-called flare (or flared)-brought back the joy of women who failed to adapt to the models with tight legs. Other pants that came back was the famous wide, which has extremely wide legs. These and other current models can bring a characteristic in common: the high waistband. In reality, it is a rather tall, waistband when it comes to acinturadas pants. Although many still twist the nose for such models, they are very beneficial to the female body and, of course, the visual, which is pretty neat.

Models Of Pants Acinturadas

The acinturadas pants models can vary widely. The most common and best accepted by women are the ones who bring the high waist, marked, but with wider legs, because balance the look. Are quite useful to many body types, since it causes the illusion that the waist is much thinner. Similarly, the volume of the tissue allows use with any type of leg. Pants flare may appear, skinny, skinny, straight models, pantaloons and similar with high waist and feature set.

There are, also, pants with legs acinturadas fair. The basic skinny model, which also has your waistband high version. However, this is not among the female preferences and should also be used, with caution.You could say that any model of pants that have a higher waistband pants acinturada, no matter how are the legs of the piece.

Tips For Using Acinturadas Pants

For someone who loves a more serious and sophisticated, great stakes are the pantaloons acinturadas. If you want to use something extremely wide legs, certainly there will be more models fitted to the body, because the range is too big. Anyway, balance the volume of tissue. This, in addition to giving more lightness to look, still contributes with the female body. Just combine the piece with fairer tops. On the other hand, delicate and more soltinhas races look great with pants, by placing the bar inside.

The tip is never exaggerate on volume of sweaters or other upper parts, when the acinturada pants is too wide. Thus, the visual will be harmonious and sophisticated and can be used anywhere. The pants with legs tight and high waist should be carefully used. They don’t look good on women who are overweight, since very evident. In this case, the tip and the flare, which has a more adjusted, but opens up gradually, giving impression of balance of measures. If in doubt, use a longer blouse and wide, about waist high.Here are some templates, below: