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Children’s Themed Party Decor Frozen: Ideas and Pictures

Princesses, Princes, snow and ice take account of children’s themed party decor Frozen.

The child-themed party decor Frozen already stands out as one of the most requested of the moment. The Disney Animation’s charming boys and girls of all ages and serving as inspiration to decorate the birthdays.

Frozen-A Freezing Adventure is a film that was released in Brazil in January 2014. He narrates the adventures of Anna and Elsa, two sisters who have the power to create ice and snow.

Children’s party decoration ideas with theme Frozen

Check out some tips on decoration for themed birthday party Frozen:


All the characters of the film deserve a special space in the decoration. The sisters Anna and Elsa to highlight, because they are the protagonists of the story. Kristoff and Hans also need to be remembered in time to decorate the party.

Sven reindeer, snowman Olaf, the giant Marshmallow and even the villain Duke of Weselton must appear in the decoration.


The colors that predominate in the Frozen theme party are white and light blue. This palette ‘ freezing ‘ is perfect to represent the enchanted Kingdom on ice. There is also the possibility of working with details in silver or Teal.

Main table

The main table is the highlight of the birthday party. She must be decorated with the main characters of the film, which can be stuffed, MDF, polystyrene, resin or other material. The movie toys can be used to decorate the table, as is the case of the Disney Animators line dolls Collection.

Other elements are also great to make more elaborate decoration, as ice Castle, snowmen, ornaments, bright white and blue flowers, artificial white pine, cotton, silver utensils and glass containers (transparent or blue). The pastries pastry people and custom packaging are responsible for letting the table even more.

Some goodies are responsible for leaving the most beautiful decoration, as in the case of macarons, cupcakes, cakepops, themed cookies, chocolate lollipops and marshmallows.

In the center of the table, it is important to leave a placeholder for the cake. The delicacy can be sprinkling it with fondant in colors light blue and white. Some, including birthday cakes, are decorated with large blue glass shards, but this idea can be very dangerous for children.

Other ornaments

Among the other elements that may be part of children’s themed party decor, are helium balloons and EVA panels.

Party photos-themed children’s Frozen

Inspired on images to make a beautiful decoration of children’s Party with theme Frozen.

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