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Netflix Subscribers Blocks Using VPNs to Access Content From Other Countries

In January, the Netflix announced it would block extensions, proxies and VPNs to access their service, and users are already feeling the measure. Customers who try to access the company’s catalog pretending they are in another country are not getting.

The subject came up a few days ago on Reddit, and users say they are seeing the above error of M7111-1331-5059 code. In netflix.com/proxy, the message says “You seem to be using an opener or proxy. Disable all such services and try again. ”

At the forum, participants are making harsh criticism of the company. “I am seriously considering canceling my subscription to Netflix, since 90% of the content I watch is not available in my country,” said the creator of the topic, who lives in Spain. The European country had no access to Netflix until last year.

The company argues that content desbloqueadores are no longer needed, since Netflix is now available in more than 190 countries. But this is a controversial issue, since the content is available which varies over. To original productions like House of Cars , Better Call Saul and Orange is the New Black can not be watched everywhere.

There are several factors for this to occur. For these specific titles, for example, there are distribution rights that were closed with several producers that do not apply to all countries, so these series may not be available where Netflix does not own the rights. This also applies to movies and series that are not original, and only had allowed distribution in some places.

Another factor is that different countries have different regulatory agencies for viewing movies and series, and different criteria for approval of any work. So it may be that the company has tried to make the content available in a certain region, but it has not been approved by the government.

Finally, as pointed out by the very report of the company that listed the difficulties of this global expansion, there is the language factor. Jhsto, Reddit user said that Netflix has not released the second season of Better Call Saul in his country, Finland, because they still do not exist in Finnish subtitles (although he can do with the original audio).

However, he said he signed in Amsterdam and managed to watch the series, turning off the transcription in Dutch. “I think Netflix is overestimating the need for local legends especially in Northern Europe, where people are more or less fluent and English anyway”, he said.

What is being blocked

As pointed out by the Gizmodo Brazil, and desbloqueadoras extensions and common proxies, Netflix is also blocking VPNs. They do this by taking the IP these private networks and blocking them on the server, denying access of users who use this kind of maneuver.

According to The Next Web, VPN like Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN and Mullvad have been blocked. Brazilians already complain that the Hola and TunnelBear, two famous here in the country, are no longer working.

Or VPNs created by the users that have escaped, since the company has blocked IP addresses of the leading providers of servers, as DigitalOcean, Linode and Our Website Services. The company assumes that, as computers are not real used by consumers do not need to access the catalog.

Extensions to unlock content already arrived to announce they will find ways to resume the connection. However, it is clear Netflix’s effort to end these alternatives, which may put them in trouble with content licensing agencies.

I imagine the blockers and VPNs should renew IPs, which will later be blocked by Netflix. Users will find another alternative that works for some time, and when become known, will be blocked by the company. And so on.


Netflix Now Works Almost Worldwide (Except in China)

The Netflix announced at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the largest global expansion since the company’s founding in 1997. From this Wednesday (6), the service streaming video is available in over 130 countries around the world including India, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and even in Azerbaijan.


According to Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, the company is available at this point in almost every country in the world except China. Hastings proved hoping to change that in a not so distant future. To date, the service was available in less than 50 countries, excluding some to Europe. The American continent, on the other hand, it was completely covered.

As pointed out by The Verge, there are still countries like Crimea, North Korea and Syria that restrict American companies to act in the country, making it impossible to expand. In addition, major titles such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black may not be available in all countries due to distribution rights.

The company has been investing heavily in original content, and has the rights to distribute that content around the world. 2016, is scheduled to launch 31 launches series, including seasons and completely original titles. In addition, 24 films and original documentaries and 30 own productions Netflix made for children. It’s too much!

In the presentation, in which were also disclosed more information about the series The Crown and The Get Down, Hastings stressed the importance of this expansion.”Consumers are happy to pay a fair price [to access the service catalog] instead of resorting to piracy”, he said.

An estimate by Hastings on stage shows that 3.2 billion people worldwide have access to the internet, against 400 million in 2000. Now, this means that a large portion of that number can now access the company’s catalog and enjoy the titles service. The CEO defined the expansion as “the birth of a TV for the global Internet.”

Access to the vast content offered by the service, which includes documentaries, films and series, it is important for the cultural background of many countries. Not to mention that now the company will have much more user data to structure in big data to improve the bond recommendations. “One day we hope to be so good these suggestions that you can just recommend the series or film that fits your current mood,” said Hastings.

No doubt, give access to the catalog in more than 130 countries at once will definitely test the structure of the company’s servers, which may have been covered by the team engineers. At present, the company’s shares are up almost 6%.