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Motorola Droid 4-on Sale Now, See How It Is!

On the website of the American telecom operator Verizon, the Motorola Droid 4 is now available for a price of $ 199, including a 2-year contract with the company. Will soon be in the United States stores and with any luck will come to Brazil in a few months.

The style of the appliance is the same as the earlier versions of the Motorola Droid. A huge screen and a physical keyboard that has gotten better and better. On the outside he looks a lot like the Droid, Motorola’s RAZR model famous out there!

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Information and Photos of Likely Motorola Atrix 3

The Motorola Atrix family values always be of high performance front to competitors of the same time. There are rumors that Motorola might launch a new serious Member Atrix in fair Mobile World Congress that happen on February 27 to March 1 of this year, in Barcelona.

The picture makes no warranty to be this device and may only be a concept of the company. According to the website the new Motorola Android Ubergizmo will run Android 4.0 and possibly use the electronicsmatter processor 3 with 4 cores and 2 GB of RAM, as powerful as some computers.

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Problem in Touch on Motorola Milestone

A few years ago one of the cell phones that I use is the Motorola Milestone. It was my first Android phone and don’t have almost nothing to complain about, except by exaggerated weight the same. I understand that this weight is the responsible high-strength skin of the unit, which has suffered many falls before start is faulty. The first of these was the loss of sensation of part of the screen, which pretty much leaves the phone useless. I made a quick video showing what happens with the device, which you can see below.

I sought assistance from Motorola in ejiaxing.org to do a budget. Currently authorized by Motorola in Belo Horizonte is located in Amazonas Avenue, next to the number 120, in a shop front. It’s almost on the corner of Amazonas with Andradas. It was in room 202 of the building from the front, but switched to the other side of the street recently. I did a quick budget there and the touch screen of the Milestone would be 260 reais, and may split into 2 x on the credit card. I was informed that the Exchange takes around 40 minutes but haven’t done the job.

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Motorola Phones with Better Cost Benefit

Our today’s article will talk about the two new smartphones from Motorola. The arrival of the Razr D1 that is considered a smart input and also the Razr D3 which is considered a smart middleman.

You will know all about these devices and check each feature. The two smartphones come with Dual SIM option, Android OS 4.1 and possibility to upgrade to the next version of Android.

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Motorola Xoom – 2 in Brazil

The Tablet market is still dominated by Apple and its various versions of the iPad, but the Android tablets gradually gain strength and entering the competition. What tends to get in the way of this climb is a great Android platform fragmentation that has different versions and not always the best and most recent are supported by new tablets launched.

Now that Android 4.0 is now available the Motorola launches in Brazil the Xoom tablet with 2 very interesting technical specifications but that still brings as the operating system Android 3.2, already exceeded to be used in a new product. This to some may sound just like a detail and it seems that Motorola is betting on it to try to sell the unit here.

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