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Learn What to Do With Your Old Cell Phone Battery

Have you ever wondered what destination to give for an old cell phone battery? It may be that you do not usually change it often, but when you get a new device, you will fatally have to give the old one a purpose-and the old battery, too.  Cellular batteries have a toxic composition. They are made from substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium, which can harm the environment and seriously harm the health of those who come into contact with their waste. Continue reading

How to Make Free Calls?

With fierce competitiveness between the mobile operators in Brazil and increasing demands by Anatel, the quality of the connections and of the plans has a tendency to improve. Today many cheap options customers make calls at low or no cost that is even difficult to choose the best plan to make and receive calls.

The operator TIM with your Infinity plan prepaid comes out ahead, with calls to TIM costing only R$0,25 and R$0,50, only sites with fixed time limit. In some places in Brazil, the quality of the links TIM suffers a bit, but it’s something the search operator soon resolve, because the FCC is up there with all your requisitions and taxes.

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What is 2G! What is the Difference of the 3G?

The second generation (2 g) phone technology is based on GSM technology, or global system for mobile communications, released in 1991.

The 2 g network allows a much greater penetration depth. 2 g technologies have allowed the various mobile phone networks provide services such as text messaging, messages with pictures and MMS (multimedia messages). Is a more efficient technology and has enough security for the sender and the receiver. All messages are encrypted digitally. This encoding allows the transfer of digital data in such a way, that only the intended recipient can receive and read.

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The Best Currency Converter for Android and iPhone!

There are a lot of times a lot of reasons why you may be stuck trying to guess an exchange rate. Maybe your company is expanding into a new international market (congratulations!), you are in a business vacation in a new country (very chic!), you are getting supplies from abroad or any other reason. The currency exchange is a necessity of international business, and it’s important to know, especially for those who do not stop in one place.

Here are the best mobile apps to help you get your Exchange.

XE Currency

XE is one of the obvious choices for the currency conversion. The company was able to package the tools your site in an application available for iOS devices, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 for free. The simple interface allows users to convert through all major currencies or pull more than 30 1000 currency cards for historical rates. The application keeps track of world currencies and precious metals, even working offline, storing the latest Exchange rates.

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Which Mobile Device Serves as A Modem?

Basically, any cell phone that has access to a 3 g network, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth can become a modem. The process of “transforming” the phone into a modem is called tethering. But how does the tethering?

The tethering a smartphone is the process of using the phone as an external modem for a computer, allowing you to access the Internet directly through your phone. To make using your phone as a modem you need to have a wireless data plan for it, as well as a good amount of monthly data sufficient to cover the use of your computer on the internet. Most of the 3 g services providers in Brazil offer packages that limit speed when a certain amount of data is reached. If you don’t want a very slow internet, be prepared to invest a little more in a package of data and prevent the speed is limited. Noting that only 3 g devices will have a good connection to the internet.

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