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Jodhpurs: Ideas, How to Use

Fashion is a subject and constant updating. The trends of the year are always subject to change, however this does not mean that some parts will not be repeated. This is the case of jodhpurs. This year she’s back and promise to please most of the female audience. Continue reading

10 Style Errors

Style errors that cause me goose bumps. Why should we not follow a Rulebook or wear so uptight, without room for individual expression, but for not favouring the body or do not suit the context. Which means that there is coordinated that are perfect for the beach, for a night out with friends or weekend, but unsuitable for a city or look professional. Continue reading

Jodhpurs: Tips for Using

Whenever the fashion inspiration in garments used in sports practices, the result is quite interesting.In the case of jodhpurs, the success was absolute, among women. They have been on the rise, especially in autumn and winter. The possibilities of use, on cold days, are very numerous, as these pieces usually look great with most clothes of these stations. But, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be used in the summer. You can set up different looks, with these pants. Continue reading

Women’s Leather Pants: Check out Tips

Leather pants for women are no longer associated with motorcyclists, any woman can use as long as you know the correct way to the style. Leather pants should be present in any wardrobe, because of your versatility. They can be used like jeans, pants or leggings more formal. Continue reading

How to Replace a Half Trousers by Cuissardes

Cuissardes is the name for the famous high boots, in the region in the knees. They are one of the most daring footwear fashion, which ends up leaving most people afraid to use and create a visually exaggerated and vulgar. However, if they are used with common sense they become great allies for the surrogate and style perfect for a half pants. Check out some tips and learn how to replace half trousers by cuissardes and let your look more fashion. Continue reading

Pants Biotype: How to Choose the Right Model

The jeans of Biotype are marketed worldwide and known to be of high quality and, above all, highlight the woman’s body. This brand offers a wide variety of models and parts, has for all tastes from basic pants until the most extravagant and stylish. Although the jeans is the Joker of the wardrobe of any woman you have to be attentive to the models that best can enhance your body and her curves. Biotype pants are ideal for both go in a working meeting to go to a party. Are several washes, models, colours and unique features of the mark. Continue reading

Battle of Trends: Colorful Trousers X Printed Trousers!

From time to time, the pants became a prominent item in the fashionistas’ look! We have already talked about the patterned models , but the colorful ones also vie for a place in the heart (and in the closet!) Of the most famous celebrities. See a little more of each trend and choose your favorite:

Printed trousers

The floral print is beloved of the famous and appears mainly in the models cropped (straight in the cinnamon) and legging. The best way to use it is with flat pieces on the top-whether in neutral colors like Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry looks or even vibrant, like Olivia Palermo, but without prints. Anyone who wants an extra fashion touch can even bet on printed and colorful shoes like Olivia andJessica Alba.

The printed trousers also came in the most stylish boys, like Jaden Smith (look at his jaguar model!). Other prints that are high on the pants are ethnic, such asMiley Cyrus, abstract, such as Victoria Justice and pet, used by Carly Rae Jepsen. In fact, even the printed trousers can be discreet: it is enough to prefer the combination of neutral colors and smaller designs.

Coloured pants

After a long forgotten time, the colored pants returned to be part of the wardrobe of the most famous celebrities! For a more fun look, combine T-shirts with cute designs such as Victoria Justice and Zendaya Coleman. The more daring can do as Kelly Clarksson and Carly Rae Jepse ne add another fashion piece as a colored jacket or animal print shirt.

Another cool way to wear the colorful pants is matching with classic pieces, which ensures a modern and chic production. Kylie Jenner chose the white regatta shirt, already Shailene Woodley bet on the poas shirt to accompany her tailoring pants. The red skinny looks gorgeous with Taylor Swift’s striped sweater, and even cooler with Shay Mitchell’s blazer and heel.

We (and the celebrities!) Love both tendencies, but we want to know.