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The Light Division of Philips Goes Public

IPO Rinses Philips®-750 Million Euros Into The Coffers

The light Division of the lower laedischen Electronics Group of Philips has today on the stock exchange and has conquered according to 750 million euros. According to the company a total of 37.5 million shares at about € 20 should have been sold. The today’s 27.5.2016 Friday was the first day of trading on the stock exchange. The entire lighting Division of Philips is rated a total of EUR 3 billion. Continue reading

How to Choose LED Bulb

When choosing LED light bulbs, it is necessary to compare the data with a luminous flux (lumens number) instead of watts. The more lumens, the more light LED bulb gives. Sometimes you come across a seller who sell LED bulbs obsolete technology, which have a higher consumption (more watts), yet fewer lights (less lumens) than new technology. The customer then has the false impression that buys more powerful bulb. But actually buys something that shines less and consume more power.

Some dealers say luminance LED bulbs compared with an ordinary light bulb. This information is very important, but in many cases it is mildly distorted. It is good to check on him just over a unit of luminous flux – lumen (lm). Ordinary bulb of 25W is 220-230 lumens, 40W has 410 to 430 lumens, 60W is 700-750 lumens. If you would anyone claim that the LED lamp shines as an ordinary 40W light bulb, yet has 300 lumens, he is lying! Equivalent performance LED lamps over incandescent bulbs can easily check the following table:

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Energy-efficient Pendant Lamps

60W Hollow-out Steel Pendant Light with 1 Bulb 220V E26E27 Connector Modern Modern Simple LED Pendant Lighting with Resin Shade 180W 220V E27E26 Connector

Lamps for interiors, which in contrast to ceiling lamps, are separated from the ceiling, referred to generally as hanging lamps. Pendant with adjustable height can be customized to individual needs. The characteristic lamps hanging are that they form a particularly cozy lighting. Hanging lamps are still very popular and this is the right thing to do. Wherever you cannot dispense with the general lighting, hanging lamps provide the basic interior: corridor or hallway, living room, bedroom, children’s room, dining room, office, kitchen and bathroom.

Suspension-of-the-art technology in the form of a pendant lamp

Small LEDs, which introduces on the market before a few dozen years ago as the first industrially manufactured and which were known as the colored LED light bulbs, for several years, are also available with white light and used in hanging lamps. Hanging lamps are LED not only feature inside most modern technique, but also their external appearance is often the modern and puristic.

A significant advantage of pendant lamps LED light is extremely small power consumption. LED light bulb with her long lifetime of 35,000 hours is now one of the most economical sources of light.

But not only have the practical aspects played a role in choosing the proper lamps hanging. It is also a reflection of personal taste and style of life of the inhabitants. In the web shop you will find hanging lamps, hanging lamps, LED, in a variety of designs to fit every style of interior design.

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