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How to Wear a Jumpsuit with Style

n today’s post I teach how to wear overalls – a one-of- a-kind piece that has lots of power and versatility in your wardrobe, but you sure still have questions about how to wear it in different looks. I say this because many friends are afraid to invest in a “to wear a 2 times” overalls as it ends up being a very marked look and it is difficult to repeat the piece with creativity.If you think this, this post is for you! Continue reading

Be Sexy… Night And Day: Here’s The Pajamas Right Even In Summer

We are so careful to buy lingerie for your wedding night and then? Marky also rose with the bears right? And no! why care about a relationship must be daily. By day. But even at night. We never put a gallant one evening with a flan lover Marky where you don’t know how it will end? The happiness of couple are consideringlover“even her own husband. And his partner. Here’s how to choose the right pajamas, without neglecting this garment, even now that … it’s hot.

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Party Looks

Dinners, cocktails and meetings between friends are a constant during the holiday season. But many women don’t have time to go home to change clothes or else you have to do in a few minutes, so you can choose the unique pieces-dress or jumpsuit – or use a more showy piece with pants or skirt you wore during the day. The accessories are also a quick way to change the your visual , making it the most sophisticated and festive. Continue reading