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Smartphone Microscope Detects Eye Worm

The video recordings of a Smartphone to help local physicians in recognition of the African eye worm.

A team of researchers of the University of California has developed a Smartphone microscope, which in a drop of blood recognize automatically parasitic worms can. In Africa, the latest version of the CellScope microscope should be used loa to curb the dissemination of the thread worm Loa who settles in the subcutaneous fat tissue and is transferred via brake.

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Video Compares the Browsers Chrome on Android x Safari on the iPhone

The Android Central is always doing comparative cell phones and applications, and one of the most popular comparative imaginable is to compare Android to iPhone, both in terms of hardware and software. The only problem is that there are countless devices and it’s hard not to make a biased comparison.

Now that Google Chome for Android was released, a comparison of this new browser with Safari already used on the iPhone looks like invitável. The video below shows some pages being opened in each of the browsers and speed at which it occurs in each. It’s a superficial test but you can get a sense of that Chrome is really fast too.

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How to Buy Apps on the iPhone?

Until recently, the App Store not brazilian offered games for Brazil. It was thanks to our bureaucracy on the question of age ratings for games. Now, the thing is different and it is possible to make purchases in the App Store brazilian, without having to do the tricks and tricks to gain access to several of your favorite games for the App Store.

The first step to be able to make the purchase is to create an Apple ID or login using an existing account. You must have a valid email address to be able to do this use. So, you can customize your Apple Store, saving items that interest you and even make a shopping cart. Your ID also will allow you to buy and download apps from the App Store, register your Apple products and access support for the products by AppleCare. To create Apple ID can be made on the Apple Store Web site itself.

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Dictionary App for iPhone!

How many have not been the times when you were in doubt about the meaning of a Word? Or until your translation, even the most fluent? For anyone who is learning a language, a dictionary is inseparable. And who is more experienced, can not do without a to be surprised in unusual situations.

So who has a device with Apple’s iOS operating system comes out ahead with the application Languages. He is a fast translation application that works offline without internet connection.

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