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Which Case Should I Use on My Iphone 6 Plus?

Apple has launched new smart phones annually, these devices come to the market with much more autonomy, with greater storage capacity and especially, with ever larger screens.

The arrival of the Iphone 6 frightened much of the traditional consumers, its size, contrary to what everyone was expecting, escaped the standard set by the company in recent years. However, being a visionary company with qualities of the iphone 6, which is indisputable, Apple has decided to follow the trend established by devices of other brands and create screens better and better and with greater definition. Continue reading

See Where to Buy Cell Phone in Miami and Orlando

Check out the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando.  Many Brazilians traveling to Florida know that there is one of the best places in the world to shop.  Most products end up being cheaper in the US than in Brazil. The variety is huge and the prices super low, and Miami and Orlando are very good places to buy, saving a lot. Cell phones and other electronics such as tablets and notebooks are very varied and have prices for all budgets. See the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando. Continue reading