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If You’Re Young and You Have Success, Remember This Phrase: This Also Happened (Te Sentiras Best)

You have 25. You lead a busy life. You work much. And you are successful. Perhaps you’re a youtuber with hundreds of thousands of followers. Blogger with important contracts with world-class brands. Instagramer who travels all over the world to expenses paid. You just offer to write a book to tell your story. You are invited to give lectures. Be you is the dream of thousands of teenagers. You have imitators. Perhaps even haters. Continue reading

How to Use the Instagram? Tips for Better Pictures

If you’re like me, you’re more than just a bit hooked on Instagram. You also know that some photos really stand out among the thousands taken through the application. And as we are here to make your life better, more beautiful and more practice, we will give you some tips to take better pictures on Instagram

Start with A Clean Image

Instead of taking your photos from the Instagram, take the original photo with the camera of your phone. While taking your photos with the native application for your phone, you will be able to maintain a completely untouched photo, just in case you find it better. This will release it to try all kinds of different effects. You will also be able to expand and select parts of the photo, while the Instagram itself gives you this flexibility.

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