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Huawei P9

Unstoppable continues the trail of pictures leaked about Huawei P9, to rendering yesterday that found just below the article, in addition to four other shots, always coming from Asian sources. Images device partial but real, which further confirmed the presence of a metalshell,dual rear camera, door USB Type-C, volume rocker and side button, and finally, the scannerfor fingerprints back.

The recent partnership signed between Huawei and Leica could really bear first fruits with Huawei P9, according to the latest teaser image released from the usual bode would let Chinese sources on Weibo. Two absolutely identical circles to define what will be the dual camera aboard P9, but especially the sentence stated just below, which translated into English from the Chinese would look for “Later”, 9 Lai “, where the last word Lai might indicate just Leica, so lenses provided by famous brand operating in the field of optics. Continue reading