Professional Shower Caps

Are you well equipped in terms of your bike? How does it look in the shower cap? A professional shower cap product raises already cycling joy of the first step of the pedals, and shows itself from its best sporting page. In the great variety you will find all producers who develop swimming cap products. […]


Energy-efficient Pendant Lamps

Lamps for interiors, which in contrast to ceiling lamps, are separated from the ceiling, referred to generally as hanging lamps. Pendant with adjustable height can be customized to individual needs. The characteristic lamps hanging are that they form a particularly cozy lighting. Hanging lamps are still very popular and this is the right thing to […]


Extremely Lightweight One-person Tent

Extremely low weight and small size make the one-person tent the ideal companion, where it’s weight on every gram. We see the minimalist shelter as well as the full, comfortable 1-person tent with space for the luggage. Why should it be a one-person tent? Have you decided for a one-person tent? Then have at least […]