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High Heels and Top Sneakers Fashion

Training helps a lot, but some models give you confidence and make it easy!

It may seem easy, but walking with  high shoes   is sometimes very uncomfortable. And it’s no use wanting to put a leaping to create a powerful look if we are not feeling confident. But that’s not why you need to be alone in the sneakers and the creeps, okay? We prepared a list of models that make life easier to parade with a jump there: Continue reading

The Most Expensive Shoes in the World

This pair of shoes is as expensive as a luxurious family home. The peep-toes occupied entirely with diamonds cost a million dollars, approximately 750,000 euros.

Eagerly, the show run on the red carpet at the 85th Oscars is expected on February 24. An absolute nightmare for any actress, if a second unintentionally shows up in the same outfit before the Dolby theatre. At least with the shoes the Lady can hedge now against such a gaffe; If she is willing to invest in high-heel Goldsmith Unique for the incredible price of $1 million. Continue reading

How to Wear a Jumpsuit with Style

n today’s post I teach how to wear overalls – a one-of- a-kind piece that has lots of power and versatility in your wardrobe, but you sure still have questions about how to wear it in different looks. I say this because many friends are afraid to invest in a “to wear a 2 times” overalls as it ends up being a very marked look and it is difficult to repeat the piece with creativity.If you think this, this post is for you! Continue reading