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Headphones: See Five Wired Models for Sports

Sports headphones are essential for those who can not do exercises without good music. The main differential over the common headsets is the ergonomic design, which ensures that the headphones do not fall during physical activity.In addition, sports-oriented models often have resistance to water and sweat, allowing prolonged training. Continue reading

Philips Everlite: A Headset That Stands Up Well!

Present in many sectors of activity, the Dutch company Philips has gradually built a certain notoriety in the field of audio. It was during the 2016 IFA Berlin last September that the brand presented its new range Flite, with 3 headsets (Everlite, Aerolite, Ultrlite) and (Hyprlite) in-ear model. It’s the Philips Everlite that interests us today. Continue reading