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Ideas Down Stair Garden


  1. Ideas for garden downstairs

The downstairs area is not always easy to decorate. It may be a dead region of the space in some cases because there is no intersects with other rooms. But it can become an extremely decorative space by its ambiance with some tricks and ideas, and one of them is the creation of a garden under the stairs. What a simple idea! It is easy to perform and highly valued in modern post projects for interiors.

When it comes to decorating, the main advice is: you need a decorator. Is that really it? Today we have a huge source of information. Our website is just one of them, and with good readings and videos you can create your indoor garden by yourself. But we need a lot of research. The work of a professional is the easiest way, but between mistakes and successes, it is not complicated to run an internal garden.

To create your indoor garden is necessary to know some information beforehand. One is that unfortunately plants of deep roots cannot be in the house. They seek space to develop and can drill the floor. There are many ways to contain growth, how using concrete manholes, but this structure is not indicated for reform in a house ready, just gardens. Ideal for indoor garden is a plant with short boom, which possibly due to the limited space vessels. It is even better to undo if you don’t short after the style. Continue reading