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Galaxy S3-the Size is Excessive?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 on eBay to replace my old Motorola Milestone that was virtually useless as smartphone. The problem that the Milestone A853 had on the touch screen and really the fix wasn’t worth it anymore. The first difference you notice when using the Galaxy S3 daily is that it’s too big! Only the Galaxy screen S3 is already practically the size of the entire top of the Milestone.

The big screen is excellent, but as the device is very light you don’t feel much firmness to hold him and it is easy to drop. This is compounded further by the fact that we hold these devices being careful not to touch the tele on the buttons you want, so we go easy on the edges. In Galaxy S3 it really happens and despite being a matter of custom is well annoying to deal with.

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What are the Major Advantages of the Galaxy Note II?

I’m about two months already with my Samsung Galaxy Note II. But before talking about this smartphone, it’s a good thing I tell a little and my history with portable devices for you to understand what he is being compared.

I started buying a Palm Zire 72 and a keyboard to it, since I didn’t want to buy a laptop to take to College. Facilitated much my life, when I project, scanning all the matter and could still take a few pictures, more or less with the appliance. Him, I went for a smartphone, the HTC TyTn. He was a Knick, with 3 g network, physical keyboard and Windows Mobile, when the system was still good. Also facilitated my life in college and personal, despite being little resistant to crashes.

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Galaxy X S3 S3 Mini – What’s the Difference?

Samsung released the Galaxy Mini Galaxy soon after S3 S3. But is it just a smaller version of the Galaxy S3? Let’s compare the two smartphones in depth to answer this question.

The Galaxy S3 is easily one of the greatest smartphones so far, but many have criticized the size of it. In theory, the Galaxy S3 Mini is perfect for those who prefer a smaller screen.

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Compensate for Buy the Galaxy S4 Who Already Has the Galaxy S3?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially presented. But is he an update for owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 or one that you can put aside for now? Let’s find out.

Time to Market

Assuming a high-end cell phone continues to date for a period between 2 to 3 years, we have to take into consideration that the S3 will have less than a year at the S4 and launch with a cheaper value.

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The Galaxy S3 Comes with SD Card?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent smartphone device with 16 GB of internal storage memory and ability to recognize memory cards with up to 64 GB capacity. But the SD card comes with the original device. The answer is no and this decision by the manufacturer makes perfect sense, see why!

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already high enough even though it’s the best device available on the market today (August 2012). Even though better than competitors and that justify the higher price, yet many potential customers stop buying the Galaxy S3 opt for other cell phones because of a small price difference. Include one more item in the default package that comes with the Galaxy S3 would make it even more expensive by decreasing sales. So Samsung certainly chose to make clear the device memory cards but not provide it along with the appliance.

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Galaxy Note 2 – He’s Got Too Much?

Let’s talk about this Android smartphone which is considered one of the best mobile device ever created to date, with a ludicrous option video quality and proper image your camera, this smartphone is virtually unparalleled.

Now some more those qualities, a powerful Chipset Samsung Exynos 4412 Cortex-A9, a 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor, a 32 GB internal memory expandability with a Micro SD memory card up to 64 GB. A battery in use promises work for 384 minutes and standby time coming for until 890 hours.

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Meet the Galaxy S4 Active – Details and Video Taking the Box!

Samsung made its Galaxy S4 the new flagship of the Galaxy line of Korean smartphones. Not enough this announcement, Samsung also made an “update” at launch with a sturdier version: the Galaxy S4 Active. The idea is to have a model more sturdy and durable and is scheduled for release in the u.s. and Sweden until July of this year.

A User Market More “Active”

Sometimes it’s a little hard to understand the market kicks from Samsung, how was that heavy bag with eyeballs who was the Galaxy Note (which by the way, was a bestseller). Following this trend, “strange”, one of the top executives of Samsung said the Galaxy S4 Active came to active people and who like the outdoors. In our opinion, these people already have cell phones good enough or other things easier to use. The idea to add protection, strength and design elements to create a device that thrives in an active environment and is built for a life of travel and exploration is actually quite valid.

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