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Cropped Pants: How to Use

Cropped pants are still high and are great options for the summer, since there are alternatives to a look more fresh, stylish and with legs covered (after all, you can’t stay with the legs out, all the while).They have this name because the word is of English origin and means “cut; shortened “. Your bar can be […]

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High Waist Pants: How to Use, Tips

High-waisted pants are among today’s fashion trends and are very successful in the streets. These pieces are very versatile and combine with various different styles, highlighting the silhouette of the fans very much to form. Check out tips on how to use the high-waist pants.

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White Pants: Fashion Tips

The white pants are becoming more fashionable, though many women don’t know how to use them properly. There are several types of look that can be combined with the white pants. In this article you will check some fashion tips to match your clothes with white pants.