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The Mystery of Bites in Shore Fishing

Without a doubt, one of the great challenges of the fishermen of shore and onboard is decrypt time nailing the fish after the bite. It is very normal for less-experienced fishermen to fail more frequently bites of fish due to little patience they demonstrate, linked to a bit of nervousness that is engaged when a bite of good size. In this short article I will try to explain you ephemeral but concise, what would be the best time to catch the fish according to the veracity or otherwise of the bite. Continue reading

Predators Fishing

For the fishing of predators does not exist a single lure, but several that are effective according to the fishing areas. Metal lures? Fish swimmers? Flexible lures? You present our selection of lure to predators. To enjoy the fish catch during the season.


If you are looking for an easy to animate, effective lure and that you can use wherever you want without the risk of that engages, the spinnerbait is your solution. It is ideal thanks to its specific shape for prospecting areas with obstacles and to make out the fish. Also you can use between two waters or in depth, playing with the speed of recovery.

It’s a lure ideal for beginners because it animates with ease in throwing-collect. Vanes emit powerful light signals and are stirred much imitating several rotating spoons. The spinnerbait may be used without restriction during all the season. In short, it serves for almost everything.

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