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Recipes: Galette Des Rois Or French Kings Thread

I lived in France for six years. Since I returned, I say to all my acquaintances there stranger things are eaten. Let’s see: they are the eclairs au chocolat, eggs with ratatouille, cherries, Walnut bread and Milka chocolate. It is also the galette des rois, or tart oui oui oui, as I named it; It is the cake made to celebrate Epiphany. Continue reading

How To Decorate Baseball Caps

When pitching a children’s birthday party, keep customers engaged with baseball cap crafts. Buy an adjustable baseball hat for every party-goer and create a design area filled with decorative items such as gemstones, pearls, craft inks, brushes, glue and stencils. Decorated baseball caps also make charming gifts and party favors for themed events. Customize a hat according to a friend or loved one of hobbies and interests for a personalized gift. Continue reading