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How to Choose Cufflinks and Wear?

Cufflinks are one of the few supplements, which can make special men and their often classic black tailored business suit. Cufflinks again come to a point of interest, and those are just details, which may be men in society a little shine.

Cufflinks have a long history, had previously been used more as a decorative element, now also fulfills a practical function when to combine two of the cuff. Classically cufflinks used for shirts with French cuffs, double cuff is folded, all the buttonholes are behind them and thread the knob. But if you own a shirt, you can also use a normal shirt with universal cuff. Continue reading

STYLE: Men’s Jewelry Cufflinks that Are Increasingly Fashionable

Cufflinks are removable buttons used to hold and close and diversified the shirt cuffs. Always in fashion, these men’s accessories can be made of gold or silver, being considered true male jewelry or other materials, more original, who is more daring. No wonder several jewelry stores have been dedicated to the production of these pieces with modern and unique designs, such as the Cis, which comes from Pernambuco investing in the production of men’s jewelry. Continue reading