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Five Reasons to Ride CIMTB Levorin in São João Del-Rei

1-It Has Excellent Structure
CIMTB Levorin offers everything an athlete needs to feel safe in a competition. As for example, the Shimano Neutral Service, in which experienced Shimano mechanics make repairs on the athletes’ bikes, regardless of category or sponsor. In addition, PUROIL’s bike washer and actions will ensure that your bike is clean even after competition or training. CIMTB Levorin also offers areas of hydration and support on the way, medical assistance with rescue team with support from the City. The well marked lane makes the competition flow smoothly. About 200 volunteers will attend the event to help athletes and the public. The athlete also finds in the event the food area and also one of the biggest fairs of mountain bike products in the country. In front of the UFSJ is prepared a large free parking area and the Military Police gives all the support on the stretch of road and in the event. Continue reading