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How to Choose Shoes for Spring

With the arrival of spring, it feels freer, with a great desire to put away in the closet the heavy and sometimes gloomy winter clothing and be born again with new colors, colorful and cheerful. How nature that breaks down, after winter hibernation, even our desire to wake up from what we wear, even from shoes. The milder climate allows us to choose the shoes that we like and fit our character, following the trends and news.

The only rule, dictated by common sense would be to choose comfortable shoes that allow “live” your feet and don’t sacrifice too, although often to follow fashions or desires you accept to suffer serious damage and procure them. Any occasion then, should have the shoe fit, depending on the outfit and the occasion, but also taking into account the time when you have to wear, not to be following up with back pain and swollen feet.

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How to Buy a Womens Leather Jacket

A part of your basic wardrobe: the leather jacket. Learn more.

What makes a biker leather jacket?

The classic biker leather jacket now belongs to the basic equipment of every wardrobe. Here, their original purpose was in fact that of the protective clothing when riding a motorcycle. The biker leather jacket is hip length – the optimal length, if you sit on the bike. She has an asymmetrical laterally extending upwardly from the center of zipper and waist a belt with a large buckle, both mounted to prevent wind. The lapel collar can be very lush and fastened with a button. At least two zipped pockets, optional additional chest pockets adorn the leather jacket. Epaulettes, buckles, studs and other zippers are the classic biker jacket the visual upgrade.

How to Buy a Womens Leather Jacket

How do I combine a biker leather jacket?

With a leather biker jacket you have a versatile garment: Each outfit gets an immediate sporty casual and rocking cool touch. A casual look of jeans, T-shirt and sneakers evaluate stylish on the biker jacket. An elegant outfit from shift dress or skirt and blouse gets that certain something when you combine it with a leather jacket. The hippie look of blouse and lace-up shoes, a leather jacket just make roadworthy as the casual feel good combination of leggings and XXL-knit sweater.

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5 Pieces that Harry Styles Loves

Copy The Style Tricks Of The Singer To Create A Fashion And Modern Look

Harry Styles’s superstitious productions make him the ideal boyfriend for us to break into the closet once in a while. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly why you ever imagined dating the singer hahaha, but some of his clothes would be amazing on you too, you can not deny! Check out 5 pieces that you could~steal~from him easy. Continue reading