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Lighting with Style and Good Taste: Your Home Will Shine

Chandeliers, wall sconces, plafons, lamps, light fixtures, and more. There are many options and modern lighting practices that make all the difference in the architecture and decor of your home.

A good lighting design, value decoration, provides well-being and visual comfort. To hit the lighting, the first step is to plan, the most important is to define the use of each environment.

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Birthday Party Beauty and Beast: Check Out 15 Decorating Ideas

Check out exciting ideas for decorating children’s birthday party with the theme of “beauty and the beast”.

The birthday party beauty and the beast stands out as one of the most popular topics among girls in 2017. All this because Disney released a film telling the story of the Princess. Check out 15 lovely ideas for decorating children’s birthday with this theme. Continue reading

Making the Most of the Black and White in the Decoration

You know I love coloring, but black and white has its value. For it is a classic in decoration and fashion. To decorate well using only black and white, you need to think about everything. After all, it will not have color to distract, right? And you can use this pair in different ways to create very different climates. Black and white works in almost every style of decoration! See these rooms, rooms and kitchens below for some ideas. Continue reading