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Learn All About the Records

Available in three models, the records are key parts in the hydraulic system.

Necessary to control the flow or block the water outlet of the hydraulic system, the records are found on the market in three models: pressure, gate and ball.

Pressure Records

The pressure records are installed on the shower wall, and have the function of controlling the flow of water and lead the liquid flow. You will use them whenever you need to trigger the water at bath.

Drawer records and ball

Already the drawer records and the ball are used to completely block the flow of water in case of maintenance. They should be installed close to their point of use. This means that each hydraulic circuit needs to have your record. Continue reading

Accessories for Hot and Cold Water Tap Mixer

In order to prevent leaks, drips and other problems you may have with your tap, it is very important to make a good installation. A few accessories in the market can help in this task.

– Kit Sealing: To prevent or limit leakage of fluid from a faucet system or mixers are essential be performed a hydraulic seal that can be made with the help of the sealing kit.

– Aerator: It is an accessory for faucets and showers that mixes air to water, giving the sensation of greater volume, and reducing water consumption by 50%.

– Regulatory Registration: In order to avoid excessive pressure on the jets, this record regulates the flow of water, providing water saving. It is ideal for taps with footswitch, the press, electronic or coupled flushing cisterns.

– Chuveirinho to tap: To make your kitchen safer and organized, practice is recommended to use this accessory plastic that is attached to the mouth of the tap. With it one can control the desired flow, avoiding splashing or spray stronger than necessary.

– Tape thread sealing: Fundamental to ensure the sealing of the connections made in hydraulic systems, acting as a lubricant. It is advised that if you take three to five wraps of tape on the threads of your connection.