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21 Things That ‘Friends’ Taught Us about Friendship

According to the UN, today is the international day of friendship. We all have our best friends and, surely, we will also have our favorite fiction friends: Serena and Blair; Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte; up to may that the Verano azul children teach us our first lessons about friendship. But If there is a series that taught us the true meaning of friendship, that’s Friends. From the good vibes that conveys your header tuning until the end of the 10th season in which we all cried seeing them leave the keys of the apartment of Monica, this is what we learned from them. Continue reading

Wonder Woman Party: See the 18 Best Decorating Ideas

Thanks to the film’s release, the song “wonder woman” came back with all the children’s birthdays.

The wonder woman party is the new trend of the moment. Girls from all over the world want to decorate the birthday with the colors, symbols and elements that represent the history of heroin. Read the story and check out the best ideas of decoration. Continue reading