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The Winter of Pantyhose!

Warm, Cheap And Stylish, A Different Pantyhose Can Warm Up Any Winter Look!


They take any look of monotony! If you still cling to the basic little black tweed, try starting with shades of purple, dark blue and gray, which are easy to match. But if you want lots of color, bet on vibrant shades of blue, red, yellow and pink! Continue reading

Trend Alert: the Cargo Pants Is Back!

Success in the 90’s, the pants back to the world fashion repaginada and already fell super in the graces of the famous!

Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff already have theirs!

With the knickers of army pants, the charge still hitchhikes in the military trend, which is with everything this season!

Renée Zellweger, Sara Paxton, Cheryl Cole and Khloe Kardashian Continue reading

Twill Pants: Check out Tips

One of the most sought-after pants no doubt are those made in Twill. Twill is a very resistant fabric, being stronger than that created by ligament on screens, in addition to being more difficult to get dirty. With this, if you want to know some information and tips regarding some models of Twill pants, attention to the recommendations that follow. Continue reading

The Pants In the Middle of the Cinnamon Is Trend

Earlier, the idea of ​​folding the trouser bar was only to make the instep more free or a little of the ankle exposed. Now the folds are coming down to the middle of the cinnamon! And they do not even have to be very straight, see! The more coiled you are and the more combinations you can make, the cooler the look will look! Continue reading

Black Pants: Meet Models

The jeans is a wild card that can be used for all types and in any occasion. Such versatility makes it indispensable in every wardrobe. It’s impossible to know for sure when the black trousers became a basic part. In the 19th century it was used only by men, always complementing a suit. Continue reading

Capri Pants: Fashion Tips

The capri pants is a part of the female and male locker room coming time resisting, being present in the parades for several decades.

Is a template that can be used in everyday life, for work or for a walk since the event isn’t social style. Are very welcome in the days of intense heat mainly in places that require the use of pants to attend. Can also be used for events whose costume is fine sport, for this has the models in tailoring that, for men, perfectly match polo shirt and moccasin shoe. Continue reading

Diesel Jeans: Combine

The jeans is one of the most democratic parts in both the female and the male wardrobe, she combines with any age and occasion. The Diesel is one of the most prestigious brands of jeans, they combine comfort, beauty, style and durability. You will learn how to combine the Diesel pants in your visual, always respecting your body type. Continue reading

Jogging Pants: How to Use

The jogging pants appeared being made with sweatshirt, but became a fashion item and so came to be made of fabrics such as crepe and wool, adding a more refined touch to any look. But that kind of pants, although very fashion, still creates many questions for women who don’t know how to use them. The jogging pants has several models, the bulkier the driest, with longer models or with part of the ankles. And they are very easy to use and create looks stripped and modern. Learn how to use the jogging pants. Continue reading