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Jodhpurs: Tips for Using

Whenever the fashion inspiration in garments used in sports practices, the result is quite interesting.In the case of jodhpurs, the success was absolute, among women. They have been on the rise, especially in autumn and winter. The possibilities of use, on cold days, are very numerous, as these pieces usually look great with most clothes of these stations. But, […]

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High-Waisted Pants: Fashion Tips

Some pieces of women’s clothing are timeless, sometimes even get a little forgotten, but just give it time and they come back with a vengeance. One of these pieces is the high-waisted pants, plus extremely elegant, values the feminine curves. Out of Brazil this model is also known as high-waisted pants, a model that stirs […]

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Inspired by Their Looks

It is not today that torn jeans are successful, but in recent months, she has turned into a darling item in the wardrobe of the famous, you can repair. And do not think that it only appears in more disheveled looks! It is also possible to assemble very neat productions with the piece. Do you want to see it?

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Meet Mom Jeans, Kendall Jenner's New Favorite Pants

Girls who love the vibe of the 90’s are going to be crazy about Kendall Jenner’snew fashion addiction: mom jeans. From high waist and slouchy modeling (but less than the boyfriend model, which is oversized and boyish), “mama jeans” has returned to fashion and it girl has already elected him as his favorite of the season. We show how it adds […]

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The Winter of Pantyhose!

Warm, Cheap And Stylish, A Different Pantyhose Can Warm Up Any Winter Look! Colorful They take any look of monotony! If you still cling to the basic little black tweed, try starting with shades of purple, dark blue and gray, which are easy to match. But if you want lots of color, bet on vibrant shades of […]

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Trend Alert: the Cargo Pants Is Back!

Success in the 90’s, the pants back to the world fashion repaginada and already fell super in the graces of the famous! Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff already have theirs! With the knickers of army pants, the charge still hitchhikes in the military trend, which is with everything this season! Renée Zellweger, Sara Paxton, Cheryl […]

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Twill Pants: Check out Tips

One of the most sought-after pants no doubt are those made in Twill. Twill is a very resistant fabric, being stronger than that created by ligament on screens, in addition to being more difficult to get dirty. With this, if you want to know some information and tips regarding some models of Twill pants, attention […]