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Public Prosecutor Wants to Suspend Haddad’s Bicycle Paths

São Paulo’s state prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit on Tuesday that threatens to end Mayor Fernando Haddad’s (PT) plan to build 400 kilometers of bicycle paths in the city.The prosecution asks that “all activities, services and works related to the construction of the bicycle system in São Paulo” be suspended, within a period of 24 hours, until the completion of the “necessary technical studies”. The prosecution’s requests must still be approved by the 5th Public Treasury Court. Continue reading

More than One Thousand Athletes Participated in the Event

The fourth edition of the Challenge of the Rocks required a lot of skill from the 1,030 registered athletes who participated in the event on Sunday in Pomerode. Not even for moutain bike pros the proof was easy! The rain that fell during the night, and at certain times of the day, left the tracks even more challenging, which made it difficult to arrive. Continue reading

The Paths of the South Zone of Porto Alegre

Sunday was expected by the registered cyclists for fear of rain, but the night was colder than the others and the rain did not appear. This was a perfect day to ride! No rain, not much heat!

Once again, Everson Ribas, the Dudu, organized a tour and invited the Bikers of the Wanderer to register this day of entertainment. Some cyclists met in the center of Porto Alegre and pedaled to the Dudu Bike Shop in the neighborhood of Tristeza…which should be called joy, and which became the starting point for this adventure for the region of Lami, in the Extreme south of Porto Alegre. Continue reading

Associations and Entities of Cyclists Responds to Against MPE

Response to the injunction request, made by the state public prosecution service, to stop work on bicycle lanes.

The Ciclocidade – Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo, along with the organizations mentioned below, express their indignation at the request to stop work on the implantation of the cycling system of the city of São Paulo, an action created by the State Public Ministry (MPE) 3rd Prosecutor of Justice for Housing and Urbanism – through the promoter Camila Mansour Magalhães da Silveira. Continue reading

Failure and Success Go Together

When I started my first business more than 15 years ago I was too scared to fail, to do the “wrong thing”. After these years everyone understood that failure is a prerequisite for success. In order to find out what works, we have to be willing to take risks. Continue reading

Myths and Tips on Bikes for Women

It is no news to anyone that women are increasingly present in all sectors of the labor market, including those historically dominated by men. in bicycle mechanics it is no different.

The Key Fifteen project is an example of this female insertion in the mechanics of bikes. Talita Noguchi and Gabriela Kato command the blog and youtube channel with tips, experiences and lots of didactics. In addition to sharing information, the couple wants to encourage more women to learn as well. Continue reading

Brazil with Full Strength in Ironman 70.3 BrasÍLia

“I’m expecting things to improve in training in the first part of the year,” said Igor. “We can already see an evolution and I think it’s going to be a bit better for Brasília.” “It will certainly be the strongest year of Ironman 70.3 in Brasilia and with a well-balanced race, I hope I can get another good result,” he added. Continue reading

Lightweight and Rigid: Scott Addict Frame Weighs Less Than 1 Kg

Used By The Orica-Greenedge And IAM Cycling Teams, The Swiss Brand Studs Are Among The Favorites Of The World’s Top Athletes

One of the first brands to use carbon fibers in bicycle frames, Scott has the solution for amateur and professional athletes who face long and uphill routes: the Addict line.Developed under the HMF, HMX and HMX-SL technology, Scott addict frames are lightweight, stable and weigh less than 1 kg; Fundamental pieces in the performance of each cyclist, either against their opponents or in the quest to overcome their limits. Continue reading

It Happened at Dawn: the First Edition of Pedal Owl

Friends exchange the rest of the holiday for a night stroll along the rural roads of jaboticabal and region.

Organized by the Catraca Jaboticabal cycling group, the event brought together about 90 people. Groups of cyclists from Monte Alto, Guariba, Barrinha, Dumont and Pradópolis joined the bikers of Jaboticabal and made one of the largest rural walks in recent years. Continue reading

Five Reasons to Ride CIMTB Levorin in São João Del-Rei

1-It Has Excellent Structure
CIMTB Levorin offers everything an athlete needs to feel safe in a competition. As for example, the Shimano Neutral Service, in which experienced Shimano mechanics make repairs on the athletes’ bikes, regardless of category or sponsor. In addition, PUROIL’s bike washer and actions will ensure that your bike is clean even after competition or training. CIMTB Levorin also offers areas of hydration and support on the way, medical assistance with rescue team with support from the City. The well marked lane makes the competition flow smoothly. About 200 volunteers will attend the event to help athletes and the public. The athlete also finds in the event the food area and also one of the biggest fairs of mountain bike products in the country. In front of the UFSJ is prepared a large free parking area and the Military Police gives all the support on the stretch of road and in the event. Continue reading

See Which Subway and CPTM Stations Have Bicycle Lifts

Capital has 38 points to park bicycles scattered along the lines. service is free but you need to bring your own lock.

Those interested in going to work or taking off in the city of bike can use bike stands spread by the 38 subway stations and CPTM in São Paulo. The use is free, but the user needs to carry his own chain and padlock to secure the bike. Continue reading

Paes Says He Will Rebuild Bike Path for Olympics

Part Of The Road Collapsed And Left Two People Dead. Rio Mayor Said He Will Punish Those Responsible For The Accident.

The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, said on Monday (25) that he will rebuild Cyclavia Tim Maia in time for the Olympics. He also said he will identify and punish those responsible for the collapse that left two people dead-Eduardo Marinho Albuquerque, 54, and Ronaldo Severino da Silva, 60. Continue reading

Pedal Ekonova Adventure in Farroupilha… Very Hot!

The Ekonova Adventure in Farroupilha was a great success. Many riders came to the event, some last minute entries, others did planning days before. The three route options pleased the participants, and an effort was made to ensure water for everyone, since the heat was surprisingly large. Hot… really hot! There was compensation… surely all the cyclists, even tired, felt rewarded by the scenery. The Windy Salto, in Farroupilha, is an extraordinary place. The beauty of the water fall, gigantic, certainly left several cyclists… perplexed! Crystalline streams, native vegetation, valleys and country estates on the path, certainly charmed the participants. Continue reading

Tips for Pedaling

Using a bicycle is a good investment, not only for the environment (non-polluting vehicle), but above all for the health of the user. Cycling is one of the best forms of physical activity. Pedaling exercises the cardio respiratory system and imposes less stress on the joints, and can help burn from 400 to 700 kcal. It is a very economic form of physical activity, because if the individual owns a bicycle the activity is free and can be done anytime and anywhere! Continue reading

Pilot Ready to Continue the Search for a Vacancy

BMX brazilian athlete was discharged after recovering from a fracture and is already preparing for international events.

It was seven weeks of much determination and discipline, but Renato Rezende is ready to continue his battle for a place at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The Brazilian driver fractured his collarbone in a UCI international class 1 competition in the United States early in the 2016 season in February and had to move away from the tracks to recover from the injury. After extensive and well-executed multidisciplinary work together with the CBC technical commission, the athlete was released to return to practice with the bike and hopes to resume the pace of competition quickly. Continue reading

Charles Zimmermann’s New Book Tells a Bicycle Trip’s Adventures

Work will be launched Thursday at the bookstores catarinense do neumarkt shopping, in blumenau.

Two faces in half print the cover of the new book of the Santa Catarina’s Charles Zimmermann. Divided in half, the photographs suggest that the women portrayed there are the same person. The reader hardly knows that they are 8,000 kilometers apart. The discrepancy, says the author, is purposeful: despite the distance, he wanted to show that we are all the same. And it was precisely the belief in equality that led to Travessia – 747 Bicycle Days for the World, a work that synthesizes the art of reviewing and discovering what exists on the other side of the globe. The launch in Blumenau is scheduled for 19:30 on Thursday at the Neumarkt Shopping Bookstores in Santa Catarina. Continue reading

Monark 10

In the rediscovery of the most classical cycling modalities, the Speed, which came with the release of Callus 10 at the beginning of the 70 years, as was usual among competitors, the Monark could not be oblivious to the promising market that opened in the country. It came with the Crescent line, Positron and Monark 10, being the “10” a simpler model, but more than the Sprint of callus because of its mounting components such as the currency exchange, brakes and levers of change. In this case, the Shimano Tourney group made all the difference before the geniuses “Dimosil” of the competitor. Continue reading

Road Cycling-Inexplicable Passion

The beginning nothing friendly

When I started pedaling, I went straight to the practice of mountain biking. Mountain biking changed my life, my values, dreams, goals. Totally focused on the sport I’ve been wanting to improve my performance. Experienced and insistent friends guided me to train with road bike (synonyms: speed or road bicycle). Continue reading