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Exercise What Muscles Do You Exercise?

Written By Susan Sivek | Translated By Elton Alves Ribeiro

Cycling builds cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Although it seems that riding a bike only works your legs, it can also involve your upper body and central muscles if you use good posture of cycling and stay alert with the muscles during your ride. Continue reading

Failure and Success Go Together

When I started my first business more than 15 years ago I was too scared to fail, to do the “wrong thing”. After these years everyone understood that failure is a prerequisite for success. In order to find out what works, we have to be willing to take risks. Continue reading

Specialized Launches Riprock Line of Bicycles for Children

With The Rim Models 20 And 24, The New Specialized Bike Is Suitable For Children Of Different Ages Who Are Taking Their First Pedals

Crawl, walk, run and pedal. The new line of Specialized bikes, the Riprock, starts with balance bikes for the children to take their first pedals and finishes with robust construction machines for the precocious and talented riders. It’s the perfect bike for kids of all ages, before they become teenagers. There are two models, in rings 20 and 24, with prices ranging from R $ 2,399.00 to R $ 2,699.00, respectively, and which are already available in the Brazilian market. Continue reading