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Associations and Entities of Cyclists Responds to Against MPE

Response to the injunction request, made by the state public prosecution service, to stop work on bicycle lanes.

The Ciclocidade – Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo, along with the organizations mentioned below, express their indignation at the request to stop work on the implantation of the cycling system of the city of São Paulo, an action created by the State Public Ministry (MPE) 3rd Prosecutor of Justice for Housing and Urbanism – through the promoter Camila Mansour Magalhães da Silveira. Continue reading

Disc Brakes Temporarily Banned from Professional Road Cycling Competitions

The UCI suspended the disc brakes after the incident that injured a pilot in paris-roubaix

Harald Tiedemann Hansen, president of the UCI Equipment Commission, confirmed that the UCI will suspend the use of disc brakes in professional races after Francisco Ventoso suffered a deep cut by falling on the rear brake disc of another cyclist in Paris-Roubaix , Reported Procycling.no. Ventoso unloaded his anger on the disc brakes in a personal letter distributed by the Movistar team. Continue reading

Myths and Tips on Bikes for Women

It is no news to anyone that women are increasingly present in all sectors of the labor market, including those historically dominated by men. in bicycle mechanics it is no different.

The Key Fifteen project is an example of this female insertion in the mechanics of bikes. Talita Noguchi and Gabriela Kato command the blog and youtube channel with tips, experiences and lots of didactics. In addition to sharing information, the couple wants to encourage more women to learn as well. Continue reading

Retouch, Renew or Just Have Fun with the Spray

Let’s say you have a bike that needs to revamp the look, but you do not want to make it worse than it is to be wrong in the type of paint… or simply because, like most of us, you have no idea what is doing when it comes to painting or repainting a bike. It is because of these situations that the Spray.Bike came with a simple solution which makes painting a bicycle much easier. Continue reading

Leeco Announces Smart Bike Running Android

As time passes, more and more items are adding intelligent functions. Ten years ago we did not imagine the iPhone being advertised by Apple, and things went so fast that we are currently expecting our refrigerator to let us know when the milk is at an end when we are passing through a supermarket. Considering the speed with which practically everything is becoming “smart”, it does not come to be a surprise so great that now even bicycles entered the wave. Continue reading

1st Cine Pedal-Film Show Powered by Pedal Power

From May 21 to June 19 5 Brazilian cities receive the first edition of Cine Pedal Brasil.Conceived by the producer Inffinito, the itinerant festival circulates through the cities of Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte showing feature films and dialogues on mobility and the environment with the participants. In order to encourage mobility, the project occupies public squares displaying films projected from the energy generated by bicycles. Continue reading

A Social Sign-Up Club at Customers’ Homes

Service of collecting organic garbage exchange for seedlings of seasoning and fertilizer.

Waste is a global environmental problem. As time goes by, the planet’s population increases. With it, consumption and generation of waste also grow. To make matters worse, there is no space in landfills to properly dispose of garbage. However, much of what we throw away can be re-used. Continue reading

See Which Subway and CPTM Stations Have Bicycle Lifts

Capital has 38 points to park bicycles scattered along the lines. service is free but you need to bring your own lock.

Those interested in going to work or taking off in the city of bike can use bike stands spread by the 38 subway stations and CPTM in São Paulo. The use is free, but the user needs to carry his own chain and padlock to secure the bike. Continue reading

Collapsing Cycle Route Tim Maia

Two people die after a bicycle lane collapses that opened on january 17.

A stretch of about 20 meters from Tim Maia, on Avenida Niemeyer, in São Conrado, in the South Zone of Rio, collapsed on Thursday morning (21).

According to the Fire Department, two people died on the spot after falling into the sea. A third victim is still wanted. An investigation was opened at the 15th Police Station (Gávea) to investigate the causes of the accident. Aerial and ground surveys have already been carried out and still others will be carried out when the tide goes down. Continue reading

The Benefits of Bicycle Riding

Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the heart. In addition, the involvement of muscles and joints is maximal in number and intensity. It is scientifically demonstrated that the intensity of exercise performed when riding a bicycle brings excellent health benefits. Pedaling for at least half an hour will train the quadriceps to the maximum and tone and harden the glutes. The greatest benefits of cycling are related to the fact that it is possible to exercise the upper part (chest, back, shoulders) and the lower part of the body (thighs, buttocks, calves). The greatest benefits of cycling occur when there is regularity. Those who go to work daily by bicycle enjoy greater health advantages than those who practice sports only on weekends. With a few minutes of daily cycling, you can enjoy better health. Continue reading

Know the Biciculture

Bicicultura, the largest national meeting of mobility for cycling and cycling, takes place between May 26 and 29, 2016 in São Paulo. Organized by civil society, it seeks to be the greatest exponent of the bicycle in all its aspects: cultural, social, political, artistic, economic and environmental. Continue reading

Crossing of the Swiss Northeastern

Red Sea and Garanhuns are towns located in the area of the Mata de Alagoas and in the rugged Pernambuco. Both are differentiated from other cities northeastern by cold weather and low temperatures, mainly in winter, and are known as the “Swiss” Alagoas and Pernambuco. There are the famous winter festivals in July, with various musical attractions, cultural events and gastronomy. Our pedal also made a bridge for good advice, already in the hinterland of Pernambuco, where we close a triangle with the three microclimates of the northeastern region: The Sertão, the rugged and the Mata. Continue reading

Tips for Pedaling

Using a bicycle is a good investment, not only for the environment (non-polluting vehicle), but above all for the health of the user. Cycling is one of the best forms of physical activity. Pedaling exercises the cardio respiratory system and imposes less stress on the joints, and can help burn from 400 to 700 kcal. It is a very economic form of physical activity, because if the individual owns a bicycle the activity is free and can be done anytime and anywhere! Continue reading

Cycle Forum – Powered by Vbulletin

On March 28, the city of Bahia will hold the 1st Meeting of Bicycle Users and Groups in Salvador, an event in favor of approaching groups of bicycle users, which seeks to serve so that these actors can better understand their activities and articulate New ways of acting in favor of the interests in favor of the use of the bicycle. The event is a collective initiative of some groups from Salvador, such as Friends of Bike, ASBEB, Mural of Adventures, Bike Anjo SSA and Mobicidade Salvador. The forum will be free-access and non-profit. Continue reading

Charles Zimmermann’s New Book Tells a Bicycle Trip’s Adventures

Work will be launched Thursday at the bookstores catarinense do neumarkt shopping, in blumenau.

Two faces in half print the cover of the new book of the Santa Catarina’s Charles Zimmermann. Divided in half, the photographs suggest that the women portrayed there are the same person. The reader hardly knows that they are 8,000 kilometers apart. The discrepancy, says the author, is purposeful: despite the distance, he wanted to show that we are all the same. And it was precisely the belief in equality that led to Travessia – 747 Bicycle Days for the World, a work that synthesizes the art of reviewing and discovering what exists on the other side of the globe. The launch in Blumenau is scheduled for 19:30 on Thursday at the Neumarkt Shopping Bookstores in Santa Catarina. Continue reading

Monark 10

In the rediscovery of the most classical cycling modalities, the Speed, which came with the release of Callus 10 at the beginning of the 70 years, as was usual among competitors, the Monark could not be oblivious to the promising market that opened in the country. It came with the Crescent line, Positron and Monark 10, being the “10” a simpler model, but more than the Sprint of callus because of its mounting components such as the currency exchange, brakes and levers of change. In this case, the Shimano Tourney group made all the difference before the geniuses “Dimosil” of the competitor. Continue reading

Despite Injunction, Haddad Paints a New Bike Path in Gardens

Although the courts have barred the city from implementing new bicycle paths in São Paulo, the management Fernando Haddad (PT) painted 457.9 meters of streets in Jardim América, in the south, between the night of the day before yesterday (23) and the Dawn yesterday (24). In the morning, the work surprised residents and drivers of the area. Continue reading