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Dinosaur Themed Birthday: 18 Amazing Ideas!

Jurassic Giants are ready to break into the children’s Party. See ideas!

The dinosaur-themed birthday is shaping up to be a big hit among children, since you learn working with the characters in Jurassic decoration, on the menu, the party favors and activities. Read and discover incredible ideas to put into practice your child’s Party. Continue reading

Wonder Woman Party: See the 18 Best Decorating Ideas

Thanks to the film’s release, the song “wonder woman” came back with all the children’s birthdays.

The wonder woman party is the new trend of the moment. Girls from all over the world want to decorate the birthday with the colors, symbols and elements that represent the history of heroin. Read the story and check out the best ideas of decoration. Continue reading

Children’s Birthday Party at Home: Guide to Save

Your child’s birthday is coming up? Here’s how to organize a children’s party simple, cheap and fun.

Organizing children’s birthday party at home is not as easy as it sounds. Parents need to establish a list of preparations, containing all the essential things for the event. It is also important to take some care not to exceed the limit of the budget. Continue reading

Peppa Pig Birthday Party: Tips for Decorating and Photos

Peppa Pig theme already stands out as one of the most requests from children’s birthday parties. Check out decorating tips and photos to inspire!

The Peppa Pig birthday party is perfect for girls of 1 to 5 years of age. The cartoon pig more darling of TV is having success with the children and serving as inspiration to decorate. Continue reading

Panels of Balloons for Birthday: Ideas and Step-By-Step

Learn how to assemble panels of balloons and check out super creative ideas for party decor.

The birthday balloons for panels are virtually indispensable in time to throw a party. They are cheerful, relaxed and reinforce the festive mood of the event. In this respect, we will present some creative ideas of panels, as well as step-by-step instructions for performing them. Continue reading

Exit of the Bride and Groom to Church

The rice was in the past. Check out ideas to make the output of the newlyweds unforgettable.

The rice is a tradition in the output of the newlyweds to church, but she can be replaced by a creative idea. Soap bubbles, flower petals, balloons, confetti and sparkles are a few options that make the wedding even more special.

Throw rice at newlyweds off the church’s traditional and symbolic. Despite the symbolism behind this costume, it can be dangerous, because the floor is smooth and the people end up slipping. Another drawback is in the dirt that accumulates on the door of the church. Continue reading

Anniversary: 14 Tips to Prepare the Party

Check out tips and ideas for decorating wedding wedding party with style and good taste.

The anniversary may not go blank, so you should plan a party in the minutest detail to commemorate that date so special. Check out tips and ideas to organize a memorable event.

The wedding itself is a big celebration, which is immortalized in memory of the couple forever. However, over the years, worth renewing their vows and celebrate the marriage. Each anniversary of marriage deserves to be remembered with love, joy and love. Continue reading