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App to Recover A Lost or Stolen Phone. Android and iOs.

Did you know that if you lose or have stolen your iPhone or android, you can easily track your location, using an application and the GPS system of the appliance? There are several applications available that can help. These applications use the GPS in your phone to locate it anywhere on the globe. Some of them allow you to remotely erase data on a phone and even take a photo of a person using the phone, if it has a front-facing camera.

The Find My iPhone is a free application that can locate a lost iPhone. It can be used by anyone with an iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch generation 4 (iOS 4.2 or later). If you lose your Apple (AAPL) iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while on the go, just install the application Find My iPhone on another iOS device, open the program, and enter your Apple ID. However, the application must already be configured on the device that was lost.

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Apps to Put the Digit 9 in Sao Paulo

Once again the phone numbers changes to accommodate the tremendous growth in the number of mobile lines in Brazil. The change this time is to put a 9 digit before the telephone number if he use DDD 11 and is a mobile number.

The live TV explaining how this can be done and seen an “expert” saying that a person with 300 numbers in between 4 and 6 agenda spend hours to make the changes, if typed fast. It’s absurd what is said in certain TV programs made by who even understands what you’re talking about.

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App to Find Out Which of Your Contacts ‘ Operator!

In Brazil the value paid for the phone calls is very variable and for this it is essential to know the operator of numbers for which we are calling. The landlines are falling into disuse and the plans for links from cell phones often allow you to call for free to landlines and numbers of the same operator.

It used to be possible to find out the operator of each item based on the prefix of the phone, but with the phone number portability itself does not give any hint as to which carrier he belongs.

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The App Allows You to Monitor the Whole Family – More Security

In the big cities it is not uncommon for each Member of a family has commitments in totally different locations all day and that all are on weekends. When one reaches the other is already asleep and in the morning not all wake up together. It turns out the family relates when you can, and not as it should.

Leaving aside the emotional issues related to this routine, we also have the issue of safety. If someone doesn’t come home till the time that would be normal, the concerns are the may be a sign of danger.

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Apps That Your Wife Cannot Find on Your Mobile Phone!

Every man is afraid that women find something on your phone that can be cause for discussion. Some of them don’t even have nothing to hide. Others to have a couple of things. The problem is that both can have seríssimos problems with these “discoveries”. And few of them think that in addition to messages, links and contacts, applications can also be cause for controversy.

There are Apps made for hiding information from others on your mobile phone. Some use it for noble reasons, such as personal and family security. Others use it more to hide betrayals and worse. Regardless of context, these will cause a fight, if the person who sees them know their duties.

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App Revenue to Buy Abroad

Who will travel abroad is full of questions about how to buy the items or declare them on his return. Some even end up being taxed when they shouldn’t, other don’t plan the right trips and forget items coming out of Brazil also have to be declared. Exist on the internet many guides and tips for traveling abroad.

But easing the life of anyone who has a device iOS or Android, the IRS has created an application with some useful data on who’s going to travel and shop abroad. This is the first version of the application, which demonstrates the interest of the Government already in computerizing and modernize its channels of communication with the citizen.

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10 Essential Apps for Travel

If you like to travel the world armed with a few things, such as a passport and a smartphone, there are some applications that can help you in these tasks. On our list, we find some applications that will make your trip more productive and simple, so that you can focus more on fun than in planning or problems that may arise.

Fuel Monitor

Is an application that tracks how much you are spending on fuel during a trip. You put the make, model and year of your car, as well as currency and preferred units of measurement, as well as fuel prices. All you need to do is press the “start” button in the “monitor” when you get into your car, followed by the “stop” button when your journey comes to an end. Thanks to GPS, the application estimates when a trip cost for you, no matter the distance.

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Best Apps for Song Lyrics

Ever get tired of singing the songs in a wind-up and you want to know the lyrics of them? No problem at all: there’s an app for that. Actually not just one, but several, and to different devices and mobile operating systems. In this article, we have chosen the best for you to use directly on your device.

Shazam (Free; Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle)

Identify songs and TV shows quickly, holding your device and touching a button on the app Shazam. From there, you can navigate to the song or video on YouTube or a sample of 30 seconds from iTunes or on the Radio. An update in-app ($ 6.99) remove banners and allows you to directly touch the whole song on Spotify or Necessaryhome.

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How about a Peek in the House of 9 Bloggers?

Who has that curiosity to know how is the house of these people who give us tips on decoration, organization, do it yourself, crafts, anyway… everything to increase the beauty of our houses? Everyone, right?

So, you are going to love this post, because besides showing a little of the house of 9 bloggers (and has 1 blogger also in history, see?) Vcs will know a little more about each blog and will get crazy to know better each one of them. Continue reading