Stripes for Every Body Type

Navy-inspired, the blue and white stripes are more informal and sports, while black and white combinations contribute to a more classic look. This fashion trend emerged in force in the years 60, mainly due to the influence of movie stars such as Jean Seberg, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot.
But this pattern is not suitable for all body types and should not abuse the stripes (the vertical) If you have a large stature. The stripes can create an effect of illusion, especially if your goal is to stretch, strengthen or enhance a particular area of the body. In addition, don’t forget that darker backgrounds and the stripes thinner adelgaçam the silhouette, while lighter shades and patterns of large size confers a greater volume.
Horizontal Stripes
This kind of stripes gives greater width to your body. For this reason, if you have generous hips or large breasts should avoid using horizontal stripes. But if it is thin, has some hips or shoulders narrower (PEAR type body), this pattern can create a visual balance and favor it. The necklines to the boat are also ideal for those who want to increase the shoulder zone.
Vertical Stripes
The vertical stripes provide a lengthening effect, on any body type. However, avoid pants with stripes if you have legs bigger than the trunk. The stripes thinner or of medium size, in addition to being more discreet, are also indicated for curves.
Diagonal stripes
The diagonal stripes help create shapes and to highlight the waist, so are ideal for those with a column shaped body (right). In addition to mitigate the shoulders and the hips wider, the diagonal stripes contribute to refine the silhouette, especially if they are located in the waist area.
Looks for Inspiration
Be inspired by these visuals tend to use the stripes more creative and original. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and materials for an edgier look. And, above all, do not forget to put accessories to give that personal touch to your co-ordinated.