Standards: Animal Print

If you like animal patterns, so inspired by these looks for your day to day even though lush, these patterns can be used with neutral tones such as black, white, beige, Brown and grey – for a classic look. Or if you like combinations more daring, try using them with stronger colors such as orange or green, that will reveal your creative side.
For a look at work, be attentive to dress code of your company. In a more formal environment avoid animal patterns very eye-catching, as the Leopard, Tiger or zebra. In this case, it is preferable to opt for the snake skin (Python), ostrich or crocodile, which are discrete standards, especially in Accessories, which cause less visual impact. Some shoes, a suitcase, a scarf or a animal print skirt are good choices for this dress code.
In addition, you can always choose pieces that can be used abroad, outside the workplace, and that does not interfere with your professional look, like sunglasses, a suitcase or a collar, that allow you to give that personal touch to your co-ordinated.
In more informal working environments have a greater freedom in the choice of standards. However, pay attention to your body type, since the animal patterns call more attention and should be used in areas of the body that you want to highlight.

  1. Coat

A coat or raincoat animal print is super stylish, especially when combined with neutral tones. It’s a great way to reveal your daring and sensual side and both can be used with some jeans and a t-shirt, as with a black dress or a white shirt and black pants.

  1. Dress

A dress with an animal pattern is not for the timid, because it’s going to be hard to go unnoticed. For a professional look you prefer classic models and not too fair to the body, combining it with accessories and shoes of neutral tones.

  1. One piece

Depending on your body type to evaluate what are the parts that should (or not) use. Don’t forget that this pattern will draw attention to the area of your body when in use, so if you have wide hips or large breasts avoid using a piece of animal print. The models more fluid also does not show both the body, being more elegant than the pieces too tight.

  1. Animal Print & Colors

If you prefer, use brighter colors, then bet in orange and green, that match this type of standards, giving a more youthful touch to your look, especially if you want to reveal your creative side and fun.

  1. Bag

The accessories are perfect for customizing your style. A bag or clutch animal print serves as a point of fashion, especially when used with neutral tones and classic parts. Is super chic and elegant!

  1. Shoes

Stilettos, sandals, loafers or ankle boots: footwear options are diverse with animal patterns. The snake skin or crocodile is the most appropriate for formal environments, but a few stilettos in Leopard can also be very elegant when used with a classic black dress, beige or grey. For a touch more irreverent, try using some ankle boots (boots) animal print.

  1. Sunglasses and Scarf

Want to use a small point, but at the same time reveal your style? The sunglasses are perfect for that vintage flair to your look, but choose the ideal format for your type of face. The handkerchiefs and scarves are also a good option, as well as to protect from the cold give more texture to your look.

  1. By the collar and Vest

In autumn and winter, the pieces of (natural or synthetic) help to keep the body warm. Try using a collar of at as a point of style or a vest of animal pattern. Because they are smaller pieces do not cause as much visual impact, but complement your wardrobe basics, customizing your look.