Sony Presents Camera Lenses as A Tablet Attachment

Sony has unveiled a new adapter allows you attach a full-fledged camera lens itself on a tablet. Accessories baptized in the name of SPA-TA1 serves as adapter for the own SmartShot QX series. With the SPA-TA1, now Xperia tablets or the VAIO tap open 11 ways that otherwise do not offer Tablet cameras.
Full-Featured Camera as An Extension
Six plastic arms of different lengths allow to secure the SPA-TA1 to the own device. 3,675 Yen is the cost, which is comparatively cheap. Beech instead hit the camera towers themselves, which cost between 150 and 350 euro. SmartShot QX10 and QX100 are however much more than simple lenses, hide them but a full-fledged camera inside.
The communication with the camera module is done by means of Wi-Fi – the Tablet serves as a interface to control advanced features of the camera head through bundled app. If you want, can use but also an attached switch as the trigger – even if the camera is not attached to the tablet.
Better Images vs. Poorer Mobility
The advantage: The camera modules have their own sensors, the QX10 with 18.2, the QX100 20.2 mega pixel. However, the downside is evident at first glance, as a tablet that is not handy and brings with essay more 105 respectively 179 grams. The image quality offered itself is admittedly superior a built-in camera. The accessories are available so far only in the Sony home country Japan; If and when it comes to Germany, is unknown.