Six Models of Pants Perfect for the Small Ones

When the subject is fashionable, there is no right or wrong-the most important thing is to find something that is your face. But, let’s agree: it’s great to have the bonus of wearing a clothes that we like in a way that values ​​our body, right?To put an end to this story that little girls do not get along with this or that, we’ve selected the coolest ways to wear six trousers of the season. Go there!

  1. Flare: current version of the bell mouth model.The little ones can use and abuse her. The wide bar combined with a good jump gives the illusion that the legs are longer.
  2. Animal print: the more monochromatic the print, the better.Stretch the silhouette with shoes in the same tone of pants. Ah, basic jerseys are perfect for balancing the piece.
  3. Resin:the glossy finish leaves the jeans so trendy!Invest in the skinny model and neutral colors. The jacket slightly above the hip stretches the body too;).
  4. Cropped:Who said that the model with shorter bar is banned for short?Go in the neutral colors and put the blouse inside the pants. Choose shoes that leave your toes exposed, so you do not flatten the silhouette.
  5. Jeans ripped: yes, it can be quite ripped, but ideally it is of a single color.To give that elongated, make the mix with sweaters in the same tone.
  6. Skinny Jeans: Bet on dark and single color washes.If the occasion allows for a leap, use it without fear.